Thor: Ragnarok's OTHER Cameos Finally Revealed

Marvel fans may pride themselves on hunting down Easter eggs, but few likely spotted these hilarious cameos from Thor: Ragnarok. Marvel Studios broke new ground last year by releasing three superhero films for the first time. Along with Thor 3Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 continued their critical success and further expanded the universe ahead of Avengers: Infinity WarThor: Ragnarok, however, was especially adept at earning some of the highest praise for a Marvel film yet.

Part of the appeal of the third Thor film was the comedy, pulled off thanks to the absurdist sensibilities of director Taika Waititi. His success means he'll likely have a long career with Marvel and will be able to keep making all the What We Do In The Shadows spinoffs he wants. Like most Marvel films, some of the delight came in all the Easter eggs and cameos in the film, from nods to Man-Thing to appearances by Sam Neill and Luke Hemsworth. But it turns out there's still one hidden gem that no one had spotted: until now.

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Redditor Maxxiexy noticed a couple of familiar faces behind Korg during the Sakaarian uprising. Though Waititi played Korg himself, it looks as if he and Chris Hemsworth pulled double duty for the scene in question.

The left head (aka the one on the right in the picture) is clearly Waititi, while the one opposite seems unmistakably to be Hemsworth himself. As far as the head in the middle, the commenters think it's everyone from John Cena to Kevin Feige. The safest bet, however, is it's the actually stuntman who played the role. From there, it's not hard to imagine Waititi suggesting the other two heads be modeled after he and Hemsworth, who became quite the comedic team on the set.

The Blu-ray release of Thor: Ragnarok will likely clear this point up, as well as featuring plenty of bonus material. We've already seen Taika Waititi introduce a Thor 3 gag reel, and we know the third Team Thor short will also feature on the home video release. Marvel may no longer do One Shots, but Waititi has kept the spirit alive with the ongoing adventures of Thor and his flatmate Darryl. And soon enough, the Grandmaster will be joining in on the comedy. Hopefully, Darryl himself will appear in the sequel to Thor: Ragnarok that's sure to come.

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Source: Maxxiexy

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