THOR Comics Show What MCU Jane Foster Should've Been

Thor and Jane Foster are a forming a new kind of team in Marvel Comics - one that would have been great for the movies... if Natalie Portman’s version hadn't been forgotten altogether.

The change comes at a time when the comic book Thor has faced punishment surprisingly similar to Chris Hemsworth’s movie version. With Mjolnir destroyed, and the relics of Asgard scattered and left vulnerable to any who might find them, the son of Odin’s mission is clear. With Jane's time wielding " the power of Thor" now over, he's on his own. And Jane is back to being an everyday human.

Except, unlike the MCU, THIS Thor still needs help that only Jane Foster can give. And gives Marvel Studios an example of how both characters can make eachother better.

The MCU Jane Foster Was Important... Once

In the first Thor movie, Jane Foster was linked to the hero's story due to her scientific curiosity and expertise, drawn towards the theoretical physics that Asgardians wield without giving much thought (Thor least of all). When Bifrost was destroyed, the movie teased that Jane’s scientific excellence might just bridge the gap between the two. Science, and love, would do what magic could not.

The implication was that seeing technology and science advanced to the point of magic by Asgardians might fuel Jane to unlock it for humans, or at least for herself and her new boyfriend. And in Thor: The Dark World, the idea was played at once again: perhaps Thor's human girlfriend could interpret Asgardian magic for the theoretical physics being explored back on Earth.

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But the main science of Dark World revolved around the Convergence, and apparently was confined to the damaged mind of Dr. Erik Selvig, instead of Jane Foster (Portman’s feelings on Marvel Studios and her role seemed to cool after director Patty Jenkins was hired, then fired for Thor 2). Having already sat out of the first two Avengers movies, it was more or less confirmed that Thor and Jane had broken up prior to Thor: Ragnarok.

Not that it really mattered.

Ragnarok Proved Jane Foster Was Now Irrelevant

You would think, given her investigations into theoretical energies and forces that span the cosmos, and inquiring mind, that Jane Foster would have some insights to give where the Infinity Stones were concerned. Especially since she was, you know, possessed by one. If nothing else, she could help break down the more theoretical jargon so Thor would be able to learn it piece by piece - as a good future king should.

But by Ragnarok’s opening scene, Thor's sudden insights into the Infinity Stones and ancient Asgardian magic seen in Age of Ultron had evolved. Gone was the god of battle, ignorant to the greater forces and secrets of the cosmos. Thor had become a figure to challenge even Thanos, but granting him such wisdom and agency meant there wasn't much of a left for Jane to play.

Especially not the one in the comics, granting Jane Foster the power and title of Thor, while the Odinson faced trials to discover if he was truly unworthy. But it wasn't the last opportunity to do Jane justice passed up by Marvel.

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