Thor Movie Update: Kevin McKidd Not Thor

Rumors have been swirling for quite a while that Kevin McKidd might have been the man tapped to play the Norse God of Thunder: Thor. However based on a casting call notice for the lead in the film it looks like he's out of the running.

McKidd is 34 years old and apparently the producers are looking for a younger actor for the role.

According to Corona Coming Attractions here's what they're looking for:


Physically powerful, very handsome, occasionally egotistical, petulant, and wild. A natural warrior with a quick charming wit who must be genuinely and severly humbled before becoming the compassionate, mature her of our film.

This jives with an earlier rumor of the studio wanting a younger Thor, but clashes with earlier rumors of 40 year old Daniel Craig and McKidd being approached for the role. But hey, rumors are called that for a reason.

While I can't picture Craig as Thor, I think McKidd would have looked great wielding Mjolnir. However the right late 20s six foot plus actor would definitely work.

As of right now it seems that filming is set to start this July.

So let's get it going, barring an unknown - who do you think could wear the winged helmet?

Source: Corona Coming Attractions (hat tip: Latino Review)

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