Odin's Vault & Thor's Connections To The Marvel Universe

Tablet of Life [Unconfirmed]

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #68 (1969)

The text written on the Tablet of Life is actually a chemical formula, the "Lifeline Formula," which augments its user into a superior being, the best of their species. It and its more evil counterpart (Tablet of Death and Entropy) have played a prominent role in Spider-Man comics for years. Another tablet, the Tablet of Order and Chaos represented the plot device for last year's successful Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension video game.

If you're into Marvel history, The Amazing Spider-Man series reveals that the Tablet of Death and Entropy originates from from Lemuria and the Tablet of Life and Time from Atlantis. Atlantis, later home to Namor the Sub-Mariner and the Homo mermanus race, were enemies to the Deviants, the people of Lemuria whose continent was sunk by the Atlanteans 21,000 years ago.


That's it for this Marvel history lesson and now you know how in addition to acting as a prequel to The AvengersThor connects to Spider-Man, Namor, Dr. Strange, Thanos and more!

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