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As any Marvel movie fan is aware, Kenneth Branagh and his crew are hard at work on principal photography for Thor which began production a month ago today.

Things have been kept well under wraps by Marvel Studios and those involved as we haven't even seen a single photo yet from the set, only tweets and reports from the likes of Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau and Marvel Comics head honcho Joe Quesada saying amazing things about the set designs.

While we still don't have even a clue as to what Chris Hemsworth will look like in costume as the mighty god of thunder, we do have a few updates and pieces of information that have been scattered across the web. Join as as we look at the language spoken in the live-action incarnation of Asgard, Chris Hemsworth's physicality in bringing Thor to life, a Thor open casting call that YOU can join in on and last but not least, a major scene that was just shot.

No Shakespeare in Thor

Despite Kenneth Branagh's Shakespearean roots as a writer, director and actor of Shakespearean works, and adding to that the dialogue we are accustomed to from the Thor comics, cartoons, video games and other media, the characters of Asgard in the Thor movie may not speak like that at all. According to Anthony Hopkins in a brief interview with MTV, the characters speak normal modern English.

We've heard mentions here and there a few times that this may be the case but Anthony Hopkins re-affirms that Kenneth Branagh's Thor won't feature old English but modern speak. No "thees" or "thous" as MTV puts it.

This is the first disappointment for me from this movie as I was looking forward to Thor's bad-ass dialect that would help differentiate him even more from the other Avengers and make the movie and world/realm of Asgard even more unique. That's an important part of the Asgardians and while I understand the necessary changes needed to adjust Thor for the big screen, I do not understand why they would drop the language.

From Captain Kirk to God of Thunder

Chris Hemsworth made his mark with a brief but powerful scene as the star of the intro segment of J.J. Abrams Star Trek film of last summer. He played the father of the Captain Kirk we all know and love and that helped him solidify his chances at grabbing the title role in Thor.

Playing Thor is no easy task when it comes to the physical demands of the character on screen and from what it sounds like, Hemsworth is a "beast." At least, that's what his Red Dawn co-star Josh Hutcherson had to say about him.

"The entire time, he was constantly bulking up and just getting bigger and bigger throughout the entire thing... The dude's a beast now. ... I think he's going to really tear it up."

Source: MTV

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