Action Figure Reveals Joe Gatt's Secret 'Thor' Character

Ymir King of the Frost Giants

Anyone who has been following Thor knows that the mighty God of Thunder has his work cut out for him this May when the movie hits theaters and kicks off the summer season. Not only does Thor have to do battle with his evil brother Loki and the incredibly awesome looking Destroyer, he will also square off against the powerful Frost Giants.

Recently, at the Marvel fan website, a reader sent in an image of several Thor action figures. There, sitting smack dab in the middle of Odin and Loki is what appears to be a Frost Giant (though it may also possibly be a malformed Na'vi from Avatar).

The Frost Giants could be seen ever so briefly in the San Diego Comic Con footage of Thor, so we knew they were there, but the action figure of the Frost Giant provides even more definitive proof. Take a look at the action figure for yourself below.


Action Figure of the Frost Giant from the Movie Thor


Perhaps more interesting than the actual action figure is the possibility that it reveals who stunt actor Joseph Gatt is playing in the film. Back in January, Screen Rant's Rob Keyes interviewed Joe Gatt about his role in Thor. During the interview, Gatt said he was "playing a bad guy with a lot of action" and that his "costume is awesome" and he gets some "seriously mean weapons."

At the time, we speculated Gatt could be playing Skurge the Executioner, though now we think he'll be playing the Frost Giant. Why, you ask? Because of some comments that Gatt made on the "Marvel Movies!" fan-run discussion page on Facebook.

Check out this screen capture to see Mr. Gatt himself weighing in on the action figure. As you can see, Gatt says "Where did you find this? I want a little me!!" Now, Gatt could be saying he wants a little version of whomever his character is in the movie. However, from the context of the post, it appears that he is directly referencing the Frost Giant action figure. Also, if he were the Frost Giant, it would confirm that Gatt was a CG character, something he told us at Comic-Con.


Joe Gatt on Facebook talking about the Frost Giant


For some additional reference, here's a still of a Frost Giant from the Thor Comic Con footage. Remember, this is just one of the Frost Giants, not necessarily Gatt. In fact, it very well could be Colm Feore, who also talked about a mysterious Thor role.


Frost Giant in still from Thor Comic Con Trailer


If Gatt is indeed playing a Frost Giant, one wonders if he is playing Ymir, the leader of the Frost Giants. In the comic books, as well as in Norse mythology, Ymir is an ancient being with nearly unlimited physical power. He has fought against Odin, Thor, and other Asgardian heroes on a number of occasions.

Whatever the case, it's fun to pick apart the puzzles of Thor as we move closer and closer to the film's release on May 5th, 2011. Among all of Marvel's upcoming projects, I believe Thor is the riskiest. It will be great to see how successful director Kenneth Branagh is in bringing the world of Asgard onto Earth in a way that fits in with the rest of the established Marvel film universe.


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