New 'Thor' Image: Thor, Odin & Loki (Plus Mjolnir)

Today Hero Complex debuted a new exclusive image from Kenneth Branagh's Thor that is sure to get fanboys talking.

The pic features actors Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hiddleston as Thor, Odin and Loki, respectively, the royal family of the mystical realm or Norse Gods, Asgard.

Now, there was some heated debate a few months back when the first image of Thor popped up online. Some people did not like the magic-tech design of Thor's armor - if you're one of those people, I'm afraid you have more to be upset about:


chris hemsworth anthony hopkins tom hiddleston thor odin loki

Ok, so I will say this: the Thor armor designs may look a certain way in still photographs that some purists find to be inaccurate when compared to the designs of the comic book - while newcomers may think that these guys just look plain comical (no pun intended).

However, let's remember that photos are often not enough to tell us how costumes, sets or props are going to actually play within the universe of the movie. I'm going to hold out for the first Thor trailer or footage (which we'll hopefully get next week at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con) before I can decide on whether or not these Asgardian armors are going to play. If you look close at Hemsworth and Hiddleston, it is clear that the issue with the "biker pants" is definitely something to be wary of (why would gods fight in biker pants?). And that eye patch Hopkins is wearing... not sure if bright gold was the color to go with... I'm just saying.

Also, you'll notice that this pic gives us a really good look at how Thor sizes up with his signature weapon, the mystical hammer known as "Mjolnir". It's a hammer with magic powers that can channel thunder and bash heads in - this pic tells me that the dimensions look alright, however, like the armor I need to see Mjolnir in fluid action to know if the actual physical presence of the hammer - the actual physics of it - feel right and believable. A lot is riding on that question.

So let's discuss: Do you guys think this is a good look for Thor? Or are your hopes for this film starting to be dashed?

Thor strikes theaters on May 6, 2011.

There will also be HUGE announcements and surprises surrounding this film at this year's Comic-Con. Be sure to stay tuned to the Screen Rant Official Comic-Con 2010 Page for the latest. Follow us on Twitter (@screenrant) to get the latest updates on the go.

Source: Hero Complex

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