'Thor' Collectible Figure Reveals Chris Hemsworth's Full Costume

A new highly-detailed and gorgeous Thor collectible figure reveals in full scope what Chris Hemsworth's 'Thor' movie costume will look like.

thor movie toy collectible figure chris hemsworth costume

It's becoming something of a pattern with these comic book / cartoon movies to have the full costumes and looks of the superheroes and/or villains revealed by by their toy (sorry, "collectible figure") counterparts, rather than actual footage from the movies.

The trend continues today with Marvel's ThorSideshow Collectibles has unveiled a very gorgeous and detailed figurine modeled after actor Chris Hemsworth, who will play Thor in the upcoming film from Marvel Studios and director Kenneth Branagh.

Best yet, around the time Thor hits movie theaters you'll be able to win this 12" collectible figure right here on Screen Rant!

Up until now, the Thor trailer, movie images and posters have all given us peeks at what Chris Hemsworth will look like as the god of thunder, but in reality those peeks have either been too fleeting, shadowy, or fractional (showing off mainly the top half of Hemsworth's costume). This collectible figure is by far the best lit, fully detailed, and full-bodied look we've gotten at the character that we'll meet in the movie. It's also a pretty sweet collectible to add, collection.

Check out what Chris Hemsworth will look like as Thor:

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If you're interested in obtaining this Thor figure (or you just want to see more images), head over to Sideshow Collectibles.

Personally, I've always been OK with the look of the Thor movie costume, except for one issue that I (and many fans) brought up back when the first concept art of the character appeared online: the biker pants.

Thor is a warrior, right? A god who is built and trained for one thing - combat. It's obvious why a character like that would don some serious armor and carry a hammer that can smash and blast just about anything in the universe - but where do biker pants fit in?

Seriously, if I was one of the Frost Giants or any other of Thor's foes that will be featured in the movie, I would simply smash this dude in the crotch and then stomp him out when he went down. You'd think of all the places a warrior would need to protect, the thigh/crotch area would be high on that priority list. Maybe he wears a mystical Asgardian codpiece?

Don't forget to check back with us here at Screen Rant closer to Thor's May release date - we'll being giving away some of these collectible figures, so you could win one for free ;-). BONUS: If one Thor collectible isn't enough, you can enter to win a Limited Edition Thor bust from Sideshow Collectibles by going HERE.

Thor strikes theaters on May 6th, 2011.

Source: Sideshow Collectibles

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