Thor: 15 Most Powerful Asgardians In The Marvel Universe

Most Powerful Asgardians in Thor Comics and the Marvel Universe, featuring Sif, Thor, and Angela

Fans of Marvel Comics have long known the sheer power possessed by even an average Asgardian, but thanks to the Thor movies, general audiences now have an idea of how mighty this celestial race truly is. Though we’ve met a fair few citizens of this gleaming city across the various installations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the comics tell tales of many more Asgardians who could give any of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes a run for their money.

From battle-hardened warriors to gifted sorcerers and shapers of reality, Asgard is home to some of Marvel’s most fearsome and ancient beings. While we await a number of new on-screen introductions in next year’s Thor: Ragnarok, we decided to take a look at the comics and showcase the very best the realm has to offer. Come with us as we journey into mystery to discover the 15 Most Powerful Asgardians In The Marvel Universe.

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Volstagg, Hogun, and Fandral, aka the Warriors Three
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15 The Warriors Three

Volstagg, Hogun, and Fandral, aka the Warriors Three

As the Asgardians on this list represent the best of the best, even the lowest entries are still forces to be reckoned with. Volstagg the Enormous, Hogun the Grim, and Fandral the Dashing are all gifted warriors on their own, and represent the absolute cream of the Asgardian crop. It’s when they join together, however, that their true power is revealed. Known collectively as the Warriors Three, the, um, three warriors are some of Thor’s oldest friends and closest allies.

The Warriors were introduced in 1965’s Journey into Mystery #119 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, in a tale where Thor and his brother Balder were trying to stop the destruction of the Odinsword. The attempt to salvage the powerful artifact was merely the beginning of their story, however, as the mission ended with a dire warning that Ragnarok was coming. With the apocalyptic event as the subtitle for Thor and his friends' next adventure, perhaps we’ll see homage paid to this classic comic in the upcoming film.

14 Tyr Odinson

Tyr Odinson Fighting Fenrir in Mighty Thor

As his name implies, Tyr is the son of Odin, and one of many. As the Asgardian ruler's first male heir, Tyr was trained to be a gifted combatant and was long known as the God of War and Heroic Glory. His many victories reinforced this notion, and it was only upon the arrival of his younger brother Thor that his position was supplanted.

While he was no longer Asgard’s chief defender upon the rise of Thor, he still fought for the realm in many battles. His bitterness at being replaced, however, kept him out of most of the kingdom's conflicts. Still, he would turn up when he was truly needed. This penchant for arriving late (and only in the most dire of circumstances) lent to the idea that Tyr was a harbinger of cataclysmic war and bolstered the notion that he brought with him the opportunity for legendary glory.

In modern times, the eldest Odinson fought alongside Earth’s champions during the Siege and Fear Itself events. After being slain in battle, he began serving as the general to Hela, ruler of the Asgardian underworld. Though he had a minor part in Thor: the Dark World, where he was played by Clive Russell, perhaps Hela’s role in Ragnarok will see Tyr make a more significant appearance in the MCU.

13 Angela (Aldrif Odinsdottir)

Angela aka Aldrif Odinsdottir from Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy

Though Angela is one of the newest additions to Asgardian canon in Marvel Comics, her lineage actually runs deeper than most. Before even Tyr was born, Odin and his wife Freyja gave birth to Aldrif Odinsdottir, destined to be the ruler of the realm. Shortly after her birth, however, the hitherto unknown realm of Heven declared war against Asgard. In the ensuing battle, the Queen of Heven and the Angels absconded with the royal daughter and seemingly killed her. As luck would have it, she lived and was taken in by the court and raised as a denizen of the Tenth Realm.

Knowing none of this, Odin cast out the Angels by severing Heven from the world tree Yggdrasill and destroyed any memory of them. Years later, now an extremely gifted a ruthless assassin thanks to the expert training of the Angels, Angela (as she came to be known) was encountered by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Her origin remained a mystery to both them and readers as she gallivanted around space with them and formed a strong bond with fellow warrior Gamora. Eventually, the entire story was learned and Angela not only became one of the fiercest fighters in Marvel Comics, but in all of Asgard as well.

12 Skruge the Executioner

Thor Comic - Skurge

In case his name wasn’t enough of a giveaway, Skurge the Executioner is one warrior you don’t want to mess with. Lovingly referred to as “The Evil One,” Skurge packs more than just his Asgardian might. His father just happens to be a Storm Giant from Jotunheim, meaning Skurge has some truly deadly DNA. A skilled fighter with more bulk and strength than the average Asgardian thanks to his parentage, Skurge is even more of a threat when he wields his weapon of choice.

Dubbed the Bloodaxe, the weapon can not only teleport the user to a previous location, but it’s powerful enough to maim the gods. On top of that, anyone else who attempts to use it will become ensnared by Skurge’s bloodlust thanks to the curse the axe holds. In the comics, Skurge is often bound to Amora the Enchantress, thanks to her magic. He’s also recently joined Tyr and Balder alongside Hela in the comics, which is likely the role he’ll hold when Karl Urban portrays him in Ragnarok next fall.

11 Valkyrie (Brunnhilde)

Marvel Comics Valkyrie

Born Brunnhilde, the Asgardian was chosen by Odin himself to lead the Valkyrior, where she was given the title of Valkyrie. In her position, she and her fellow warrior goddesses fly over battlefields and decide which fallen fighters are worthy of being transported to Valhalla. Her position augments her already formidable Asgardian strength and durability with Death Perception. No, that’s not a typo. Death Perception allows Valkyrie to sense when Death is about to take someone, allowing her time to save them if she deems it a worthwhile endeavor.

Often times, she does, as outside of her Asgardian duties, she uses the name Valkyrie to fight evil on Earth. Long a member of the Defenders, she’s unlikely to show up on the Netflix series anytime soon. She will, however, be making her live-action debut in Ragnarok, where she'll be played by Tessa Thompson. Gifted the sword Dragonfang by Doctor Strange and flying a winged horse named Aragorn, Valkyrie is one of the most skilled and formidable warriors in Marvel Comics. Hopefully, her appearance in the next Thor movie will be her first of many in the MCU, as we’d love to see her and Misty Knight team up one day.

10 Cul Borson

Cul Borson the Serpent from Fear Itself and Thor

Similar to Angela, Cul Borson is a new addition to the comics. In the lore of Asgard, however, he’s actually older than Odin himself. At his peak power, he’s one of the strongest Asgardians there is. When he’s robbed of fear, or feels it himself, his age rears its head and he’s returned to a weak and withered state. First introduced in 2011’s Fear Itself #1, Cul was born to Bor (once the ruler of Asgard) and an unknown Giant. In his youth, he was gravely injured and left for dead in the midst of a horde of sleeping giants. Rather than give up, he drank the blood of all but one of the beasts and thus instilled fear in the lone survivor. From there on out, he became the God of Fear and grew infinitely more powerful the more his foes were frightened.

After amassing power and followers to match and using them to lead a reign of terror, Cul’s brother Odin intervened. He wiped out Cul’s servants, robbing him of his lifeblood, and locked him away under the oceans of Midgard. His return thousand of years later instigated the Marvel event he was introduced in, and it took the sacrifice of Thor’s life to finally best the awesome power of the Serpent of Asgard.

9 Frigga (Freyja Freyrdottir)

Frigga and Loki in Marvel Comics

As the All-Mother, Freyja Freyrdottir, often called Frigga, has few equals. As the progeny of the Vanir, Frigga wields ancient power similar to Odin’s. Her marriage to the ruler of Asgard even created the modern Asgardian race, as her Vanir blood was merged with the Aesir line. Though she's not often known to be a warrior, she can more than hold her own in battle against Angels and Frost Giants alike.

Following the events of Fear Itself, she augmented her strength even more by forming together with the other All-Mothers, Idunn and Gaea. Together, they ruled Asgard in Odin’s absence and proved far more up to the task than the cantankerous king. Though she sacrificed herself during Thor: The Dark World, Asgardians rarely stay dead for long. There’s even precedent in the comics for her death and resurrection. With Odin being supplanted by the ever-treacherous Loki, perhaps the end of Ragnarok will see Rene Russo return as Frigga and take her place on the throne of Asgard.

8 Sif

Lady Sif, Warrior of Asgard in Journey Into Mystery

Though Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has given Lady Sif better storylines than her two appearances in the Thor franchise so far, she’s one of Asgard’s deadliest warriors. Debuting in Journey into Mystery #102 in 1964, Sif possesses fighting skill and strength beyond most of her fellow Asgardians. Often joining in battle alongside Thor and the Warriors Three, Sif is recognized as one of the realm's greatest combatants. Her considerable acumen on the battlefield is enhanced further thanks to her enchanted weapon.

Given to her by Odin himself, Sif is able to slice into the very fabric of reality. Using this power, she’s able to hop through dimensions, travel between realms, and teleport in the midst of battle. When combined with her fighting prowess and her superior agility and dexterity, Sif is rarely bested in combat. Sadly, the MCU has mostly reduced her to the role of a spurned lover in the franchise, and it’s unclear if Jaimie Alexander will be able to return for Ragnarok due to her starring role on NBC’s recently renewed series, Blindspot. Her two appearances on S.H.I.E.L.D., however, have aligned her more with her comic counterpart, so hopefully she’ll pop up on the series at least one last time.

7 Lorelei

Lorelei the Ice Queen and Sister of Amora the Enchantress

Sif isn’t the only Asgardian to show up on S.H.I.E.L.D. The warriors first adventure on the series came as a result of the sorcerer Lorelei making her debut in the MCU. While we’ve focused on fighters so far, many of Asgard’s mightiest warriors are outclassed by its magic users. We were gifted but a glimpse of Lorelei’s power on-screen, as she used her abilities to ensnare the minds of the men around her. On the page, though, she can do a lot more than that.

Like her older sister, Amora the Enchantress (more on her in a bit), Lorelei wields all manner of magicks. Though she generally sticks to seduction and love spells, she can also turn victims to stone with a kiss and generate powerful energy blasts. She’s not only a worthy foe for Thor and his comrades, but for mystical heroes like Doctor Strange. Given the threat she poses, here’s hoping Elena Satine’s sole appearance in the MCU isn't her last.

6 Bor Burison

Bor Burison, Father of Odin and Grandfather of Thor

Long before Odin served as the All-Father and ruler of Asgard, his father Bor held both titles. In fact, Bor was the very first king of Asgard, thanks to him designing and overseeing construction of the city itself. Ruling for time untold, he fathered Cul and two more sons before Odin was born. While he didn’t dote on the boy, he raised him just as Odin would one day raise Thor: to rule in his stead. Possessing incredible strength and fighting skills, even for an Asgardian, Bor’s one true weakness is his pride. It’s his very arrogance that saw to his death, when he fell into the trap of some Frost Giants.

Of course, like most Asgardians, he eventually returned from the dead, and has even clashed with his own grandson, Thor. Wielding a scythe capable of going blow for blow with Mjolnir, Bor was once shown to be able to pick up the enchanted hammer, proving he was one of the worthy. In a nice reversal, he actually discards the weapon, as he feels that it isn’t worthy of him. Though his convoluted ties to Loki — involving time-displacement, adoption, and betrayal — would likely prove too complicated for any Thor film, his moment with Mjolnir alone is enough to get us hoping he shows up in the MCU at some point.

5 Heimdall

Heimdall from Thor and Marvel Comics

Idris Elba’s turns as Heimdall in the MCU haven't given the actor a ton to do, but thanks to his part in Thor’s vision during Age of Ultron, that looks to be changing in Ragnarok. Elba’s acting chops (and the character's bad-ass costume, of course) have left fans itching to see Heimdall mix it up in battle more, and he’ll likely get the chance when Hel comes to Asgard. In the comics, he’s the brother of Sif and one of the realm’s greatest fighters. Given his prowess in battle and his ability to see and hear across all of creation, Heimdall was a natural choice to guard the Rainbow Bridge.

While his quiet nature might not belie his great power, Odin entrusted him alone to protect Asgard from all manner of threats that could come across the Bifrost. That alone should speak to the skill and power Heimdall holds, as he’s the first (and often only) line of defense against the enemies of Asgard. He also wields the cosmically-powered sword Hofund, which is capable of pulling blue-hot flames from the stars themselves. Now that’s a scene we need to see in the next movie.

4 Amora the Enchantress

Amora the Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner Marvel Villain

Though Lorelei is one of Asgard's most powerful practitioners of the mystic arts, she can’t hold a candle to her older sister Amora. Commonly known as the Enchantress, Amora is also fond of enrapturing men’s minds to do her bidding. In the comics, she regularly uses this ability to turn Skurge into her slave, greatly enhancing her threat. Unlike her sister, she’s spent lifetimes growing her powerset and becoming an increasingly lethal threat.

Not only can her kiss turn you into a statue, but into a tree if she wishes. From afar, she can summon powerful energy bolts, before getting in close using her teleportation or illusion-casting abilities. Like her sister, she’d make a worthy foe for Doctor Strange and Thor alike. Considering the MCU has already introduced her younger sibling, and her long-time “associate” Skurge will be in next year’s Asgardian adventure, hopefully, an appearance by one of the realm's deadliest sorcerers is right around the corner.

3 Thor

Thor And Mjolnir

Like the majority of Asgard, its most famous citizen was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for Journey into Mystery. Premiering in issue #83 in 1962, the Mighty Thor had many cosmic adventures before becoming a founder member of the Avengers. Based on the Norse God of Thunder, Thor is one of the greatest warriors in the entire Marvel Universe. As his title implies, he also commands the storms and can wield lightning and all forms of electricity. As if that weren’t enough power, he also (usually) possesses the enchanted hammer Mjolnir. Greatly augmenting his strength, it also allows him to fly and comes with a built-in anti-theft spell.

Even when Thor’s been deemed unworthy, and long before he acquired Mjolnir, he was a highly formidable foe with just his bare hands or with the mystical axe-hammer, Jarnbjorn. That weapon is no slouch, as it’s powerful enough to cut through the armor of the Celestials. That’s a weapon that can harm the beings who couldn’t wield the Infinity Stones, the strength to throw down with the Hulk, and the skill to command legions of Asgardians in battle. You’d be hard-pressed to find many heroes or villains from any of the realms that could best the Prince of Asgard.

2 Loki Laufeyson

Loki, Agent of Asgard and His Older Self

Thor can control some weather and has a fancy hammer, but Loki may just be the truly mighty one among the siblings. Though not a biological Asgardian, Loki was taken in and raised by Odin, despite his Frost Giant Lineage. Some may simply see him as a trickster and caster of illusions, but comic readers know he’s actually a lot more powerful than the movies would lead us to believe.

As Loki will happily point out, he’s not the God of Lies—he’s the God of Stories. While this may seem like a weak power, it is infinitely useful if you have the right imagination. Loki, who possesses creativity in spades, has used his powers to create untold versions of himself, travel through time, and rewrite history itself. The gods are creatures of story, after all, and Loki commands the very words themselves. He’s so crafty and cunning that he actually tricked Bor into his own death, then convinced Odin that the Asgardian king was his father and got him to take in the infant Loki and raise him, all so that he could eventually travel back through the pages of history and set the entire event in motion.

Though Tom Hiddleston has been praised for being Marvel’s best film villain, he hasn’t had even half a chance to show off what Loki is truly capable off. Luckily, he regularly reinvents himself, changes his age, and alters his gender in the comics, meaning the MCU can recast the villain (and occasional antihero) ad infinitum.

1 Odin Borson

Marvel Comics' Odin

Only one Asgardian can outsmart Loki, overpower Thor, and lead the realms on the throne of Asgard: Odin Borson, the All-Father. Like his namesake, Odin is the ruler of the gods and one of the smartest, strongest, fastest, and more enduring Asgardians there is. He’s overseen the empire for millennia, and has led thousands of battles as the warrior who taught Thor much of what he knows and the orator who helped shape Loki into the once and future lie-smith we all know and love. His power is so vast, it’s even named after him.

The Odinforce is the combined magical and cosmic power that Odin wields and often bestows upon the worthy. At full strength, Odin has been shown to easily overcome the power of Thanos, Annihilus, and the Silver Surfer. He’s gone toe-to-toe with the very conceptual entities of the universe and faced hordes of foes single-handedly. His power allows him to transport entire groups of people, read minds, trap mighty beings for eternities, shape matter and reality, and unleash devastating waves of energy. We’ve only seen a fraction of what Odin is capable of in the movies, but even with his advanced age, he’s still one of the most powerful beings in the entire universe.


Which Asgardians from the comics do you want to see show up in a future Thor movie? Are there any who you think are worthy of entry onto this list? Let us know in the comments!

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