The Origin of THOR's Frost Giants is Weirder Than You Think

Thor Frost Giants

Warning: SPOILERS for War of the Realms: Giant-Man #2

It's known in Marvel Comics and Norse mythology that Ymir is the first Frost Giant, and the father of them all. But how he created them has just revealed in War of the Realms: Giant-Manand it is so much stranger than fans will expect. Thanks to some drunk Jotunheim-ers, the true origin of the Frost Giants confirms the blue-skinned baddies are, quite literally, chips off the old block.

If you missed it, Ant-Man AKA Scott Lang, Giant-Man AKA Raz Malhotra, Goliath AKA Tom Foster, and Atlas AKA Erik Josten have united into the biggest Avengers team to ever hold the name, on a suicide mission that was handed down to them from All-Mother Feyja. They have been tasked with hunting down - and killing - Ymir. The best way to pull this off? By going undercover as Frost Giants.

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In order to pull off the mission, this unlikely team must pass through an encampment of Frost Giants. But having lost the coins entrusted to them by Freyja (classic Ant-Man), it falls to Tom, singing in an attempt to barter, to save the day. But the Frost Giants decide to cut a deal: all this Giant-Sized Avengers team needs to do is join them for supper and ale... and it is because of this that the heroes learn the origin of the Frost Giants.

Frost Giant Origin Song

The Avengers and Frost Giants are having a grand ole time partying when they ask Tom to lead them in a song. But not just any song. The song of their people. The Ballads of Jotunhiem. Tom fakes his way through it as to not raise suspicion. But as the Frost Giants sing, their true origin is revealed to the Avengers.

"Long the dawn of Frost Giant morn,t'was Father God Ymir who birthed us true.Deserve he nary Odin's scorn, for chipping sons from his ice flesh so blue,and breathing life into coldness anew.We sing to thank him for life's sweet curse, an ode to our father,Ymir, Frost Giant the First."

That's right, Frost Giants are created when Ymir chips parts of his body off and breaths life into them. This makes the team's job a bit harder, as they need to be sure not even one drop of Ymir is left after they kill him. For those that know about Norse Mythology, this might not come as such a shock (in this ancient mythology, other giants spontaneously sprang from his legs and armpits).

What does this mean for this Avengers team? Well, it certainly looks more likely than ever that they are on a suicide mission. Will they succeed in killing Ymir? And if they do, will they be able to ensure no part of him is left to create more Frost Giants?

The War of the Realms: Giant-Man #2 is on sale now from Marvel Comics, and at your local comic shop.

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