Thor Just Lost His Eye (For Good) in Marvel Comics

Thor Loses His Eye in Marvel Comics

Warning: Minor SPOILERS for War of The Realms #6

The War of The Realms has already claimed Thor's arm, but to finally defeat his enemies and accept his destiny as the future King of Asgard... the God of Thunder is giving up one of his eyes. And unlike Marvel's movies, Thor's eye is gone for good.

While Thor's father Odin may be famous as 'the one-eyed King of Asgard,' fans of the comics have known what the future holds for some time. Ever since writer Jason Aaron united the present day Thor with his older, ancient self, missing an eye like his old man. The question of how and when Thor physically transforms into his future self has been lurking in the background ever since. But with the War of the Realms threatening to destroy all that's good in Marvel's Universe, Thor has gone to extreme measures. He's replaced his arm with an Asgardian destroyer upgrade. Now Thor's given up the eye.

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Thankfully for those Marvel movie fans who haven't kept up with the comics, this historic moment in Thor's life is easy enough to explain on its own. In case anyone was ever curious, Odin actually lost his eye as a sacrifice, traded for wisdom. In search of such 'true vision,' Thor explains, Odin impaled himself on Yggdrasil, The World Tree. There he stayed hanging until he died, lost his eye, and gained the greatness of the All-Father before being reborn. So with no other options left... Thor does exactly that.

Thor Naked Burning in Comic

The task is a lot harder--and a LOT hotter--for Thor, since The World Tree was thought to be destroyed as part of the universe-wide war... until a seed of Asgard took root in Earth's Sun and refused to die. With help from his friends, Thor axes his foot to the World Tree, and begs to see how this war can be won. It's an unforgettable sight rendered by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson, as Thor's clothing, armor, and hammer melt away leaving only a burning god in the heart of the sun. And that's right where the God of Thunder was left in the final pages of War of The Realms #5.

It has been evident for months that only Thor would be able to win this battle against Malekith and his Dark Elves, with Thor openly unaware of how he was going to do it. So it's only right that, in the new preview of the War of The Realms' final issue, Thor remembers the hero his father used to be, and follows his lead. Still, we're willing to wager that deciding to go through with it, and actually having one godly eye burned out of your skull are two entirely different things.

Fans of the MCU may have already seen this storyline play out in Thor: Ragnarok, where the god of thunder lost his eye in battle with Hela. But in a strange twist, it was actually this comic story that the movie was referencing... despite happening first. Director Taika Waititi pointed to Jason Aaron's Unworthy Thor series as an inspiration, as the comic series which saw the hero unite with his future self: the old King Thor who is getting his own comic series. King Thor wouldn't reveal what event cost him his arm and eye, but it was clearly destiny, no matter how it ended up happening.

While Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame soon erased any meaning behind Thor's eye loss, or ascension to his father's role, that won't be the case in Marvel Comics. The only question is just how much his older self hasn't revealed, and how much more Thor may need to sacrifice before the War of The Realms is truly over...

War of The Realms #6 will be available at your local comic book shop on June 26th, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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