Thor Just Became King of Hell in Marvel Comics

Thor took Hela’s life in Ragnarok, but he's taking her crown in the comics, to become King of Hel in Marvel's Universe. And with the crown comes a brand new hammer… made of frozen blood.

The new look for Thor comes as part of a massive war spreading across the Nine Realms in Marvel Comics. With a fierce fascist like Queen Hela less than willing to team up with Thor and his brothers, the hero has no choice when the War of the Realms finally comes to his doorstep. If Hela won't ally the crown with Asgard, then he'll take it for himself.

Even for Thor, Prince of Asgard, the upgrade that comes as King of Hel proves hard to resist.

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This is only the latest battle in a war that's been waging since before Thor restarted at #1, following the death of Jane Foster, the greatest God of thunder yet. The villain of it all is Sindr, daughter of Surtur, who movie fans will have met as the fiery God of Muspelheim in Ragnarok. When Surtur having fallen in the comics, his daughter, the self-pronounced Queen of Cinders stepped up to take revenge on his killers.

Well, revenge on everything, leading her fire goblin armies across the Nine Realms... and straight into Thor, stronger than ever.

Unfortunately for Sindr, she decides to strike Hel while Thor and his brothers Loki and Balder (the current King of Hel) have gathered in anticipation of her assault. A decision that proves disastrous when Hela arrives to reclaim her title, throwing everything into disarray and and getting herself and Balder badly beaten. Leaving Thor no choice but to battle Sindr himself.

Once placing the crown upon his head (after it's struck off Hela’s), even Thor is surprised by the sudden rush of new strength and power afforded to him as "The Blodd-drenched God of the Deathstorm." With Mjolnir destroyed for good, Thor has been using a new range of hammers forged for specific jobs (this arc introduces an exploding hammer, which proves particularly handy... but is obviously a one-time weapon).

The god of thunder's affinity for a hammer is something he brings with him to the role of Hel’s King. For when Thor calls on a hammer after donning the crown and claiming the power that comes with it, a new hammer seeks out his left hand. One forged of frozen blood - a fitting tool for the king of Hel’s frozen wastes.

Thor uses the power to drive home just how distinguished his rank truly is among the mightiest gods of Marvel. As the Valkyrie recruited by Thor do battle with Sindr's goblin armies, Thor doles out a beating to the Queen of Cinders directly. Before long, she has no choice but to yield, and make a hasty retreat.

But as thrilling as the power may be, it is short-lived. Such is the way with weapons of cosmic significance of course, and Thor must return the crown to its rightful owner. Even with this chapter of Thor's story apparently over, we had never stood by our belief that this Thor story should be adapted for Thor 4 more than we do now.

Thor embracing his powers of lightning in Ragnarok was incredible. But crowning himself as King of Hel? Now that's something audiences will remember.

Thor #4 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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