Leaked Infinity War LEGO Set May Confirm Thor's New Weapon

Thor could be wielding a brand new weapon once Avengers: Infinity War rolls out, something that has an uncanny resemblance to the Jarnbjorn. All heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe bind together in the upcoming ensemble spectacle that will pit them against the long-teased supervillain, Thanos. Considering what's at stake in the Joe and Anthony Russo movie, Earth's Mightiest Heroes alongside their newfound allies are doing everything in their might to prevent the Mad Titan from collecting all six Infinity Stones, foiling his universe-altering plans.

Thor: Ragnarok reignited people's interest in Thor and his franchise thanks to director Taika Waititi's vision to shake things up and offer something new to the audience. A huge part of reinventing the character meant letting go of a lot of things that are associated with Odinson. That includes the death of Odin, the doom of Asgard and the destruction of Mjolnir. All three things may have been difficult to accept at first, but it made sense given how these things forced the character to become a better version of himself. One that is stronger, wiser and definitely more prepared for what's to come in Infinity War.

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In preparation for that, it appears as if Thor may have found a new weapon in lieu of his Hela-obliterated hammer. Superbromovies shared an image of LEGO pieces from a supposed Infinity War toy set that features a short-haired Odinson accompanied by the Wrecker of Worlds -- a  Dwarven-forged battle axe used by Asgardian King long before he was worthy of picking up the Mjolnir in the comics.  Later on, he eventually reverted back to using it after Jane Foster assumed the role of the new Thor. What makes this bit here more interesting is that the initial concept art released for Avengers 3 seen in the film's production announcement video showed God of Thunder wielding the Jarnbjorn-looking weapon.

Avengers 3 Rocket Raccoon Thor Art

While the God of Thunder has definitely upped his game in Ragnarok regarding his ability to command lightning without Mjolnir, it makes sense that he still gets a new weapon come Infinity War. Odin may have told Thor his trusted hammer is by no means the source of his power, but having the Wrecker of Worlds could be very handy, especially when one is gearing to battle it out against MCU's biggest and baddest villain yet. Even Chris Hemsworth teased the introduction of a replacement for his hammer. Almost all of his superhero friends are also getting some equipment upgrades including Captain America, who may have dropped his shield, but was seen sporting some cool new Wakandan-tech gauntlets in the Avengers 3 trailer. Likewise, we can bet that Tony Stark did some upgrades with his Iron Man suit, while Spider-Man was rocking the Iron-Spidey ensemble in the film's official footage.

Despite the LEGO set supposedly being a tie-in piece of merchandise for Avengers: Infinity War, it is by no means a confirmation that we will see the Jarnbjorn on the big screen once the film rolls out next May. If anything, the toy manufacturer could have just mined inspiration from the previously mentioned concept art. So, it's still best we don't get attached too much to the notion that Thor will be sporting the mystical battle axe. After all, him commanding lightning without the help of any paraphernalia is already a cool thing to watch, the introduction of a new weapon will be just a welcome bonus.

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Source: Superbromovies

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