'Thor' Will Be Unleashed In IMAX 3D


We're just over two week from the "official" start of the Summer 2011 Movie Season, which kicks off with Marvel's new superhero flick, Thor. Early reviews of the film have begun to make their way online, and the consensus so far is pretty good, if nothing spectacular.

Marvel and IMAX Corporation have now secured a deal to release the God of Thunder's solo cinematic outing in the IMAX 3D format - in addition to standard 2D and 3D. That's a slight departure from Marvel's last feature, Iron Man 2, which hit IMAX and regular screens in only two dimensions.

Here is an official statement on the deal from IMAX CEO Richard L. Gelfond:

"Bringing iconic characters to life is something that Marvel Entertainment and Paramount do very well, and we're confident that Thor will also come to life on the IMAX screen. This highly-anticipated summer title is tailor-made for the IMAX audience."

So here's the important question (for all of us, that is): Which format should everyone go and see Thor in? Will it be worth the extra bucks to see Chris Hemsworth smash Frost Giants' face with his trusty hammer Mjolnir on the really big screen in three dimensions? Or will the good old-fashioned regular 2D format suffice?

Thor movie Chris Hemsworth TV spot

Here's what we know (and "know") about Thor so far:

  • Kenneth Branagh did not actually shoot the film using 3D technology. It was converted during post-production.
  • Early reviews peg Thor as featuring "non-gimmicky 3D" and say "the film’s many scenes ‘above’ will have you in awe – they’re just splendidly shot and scrumptiously staged..."
  • TV spots for Thor have done a good job of illustrating why Marvel chose to convert the film to 3D in the first place (financial motivation aside).

The verdict? I still have my doubts that seeing Thor in IMAX 3D will be that much more of an immersive and thrilling viewing experience than if you just go watch it in 2D. However, if you do decide to cough up the extra bucks for your local IMAX and/or 3D screening, it looks like you won't feel cheated out of your money afterwards. So take that for what it's worth.

Thor arrive in theaters next month on May 6th.

Source: Marvel/IMAX Corporation

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