Helmets, Shields & Enemies at Marvel's Comic-Con Booth

Marvel Studios panel for Thor, Avengers, Captain America at Comic-Con

If you weren't able to attend this year's Comic Con in San Diego then I hope you were able to keep up with all the action via our Comic Con 2010 live coverage. From video to live blogs, we tried to keep you as up-to-date as possible on all the goings-on at what is arguably the movie/comic industry's most important event of the year.

Even though I had a minor altercation with a Marvel rep, they had one of the best booths at Comic Con and brought many surprises for individuals lucky enough to be at their booth at random times throughout the entire Con.

Check out the following images to see some of the props from the upcoming Marvel Studios movies!

Thor, Loki and Odin's Helmet from the movie Thor

They kicked things off on Thursday morning early by putting Thor, Odin and Loki's helmets from the movie on display for all to see. When I went to the booth to take some pictures later that day, the reps had put frosted glass panels up around them - hence the altercation.

Infinity Gauntlet from the movie Thor

On Friday, Marvel put up the Infinity Gauntlet from the upcoming Thor film for all to see but it too was a short lived display and was hidden by the end of the day. No one knows for sure what role the Infinity Gauntlet will play in Thor or future Marvel films but in comic lore, the Infinity Gauntlet was held by Thanos and gave him the power to control the universe.

Destroyer from the movie Thor

On Saturday, Marvel revealed Thor's nemesis Destroyer, which was created by Loki to kill his brother. Here is the cool thing, Marvel had a huge display of Odin's throne room on display and they had Destroyer hidden in a chamber behind it the entire time with no one being the wiser. Nicely done Marvel!

Captain America's Shield Comic Con 2010

Oh but Marvel wasn't done yet because on the Sunday, the final day of Comic Con, Marvel put the actual shield used by Chris Evans as Captain America on display for all fan boys (and girls) to drool over. It was really a very impressive piece of art and was crafted from what appeared to be spun aluminum and hand stitched leather straps in the back. They even captured the proper curvature of the shield which couldn't have been easy to do.

You can look at each of the aforementioned items below in our gallery. We took the Captain America shield pictures but special thanks to Marvel for posting the rest of the pictures for all of us to see.

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Thor slings lightning from his hammer May 5th, 2011. The First Avenger: Captain America flings his shield July 22nd, 2011. The Avengers will assemble May 4th, 2012.

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