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Earlier in the week we reported on a pile of new details regarding the production, timeline information, characters and costumes for Thor, the highly anticipated origin film of the next Marvel Avenger to hit the big screen.

We also discussed the major question of how Thor will join The Avengers. This information came from the first of a three-part series of scoops from our friends at Latino Review and since then, parts two and three have gone up.

In this Thor news update, we go through the latest information revealed about the movie including which characters will or will not make an appearance, some significant character/actor changes and when we'll see the first Thor trailer.

The Thor Teaser Trailer

I think many, including myself, are more excited about the first full trailer for Thor than we are about many full-length films coming out this year. While we haven't yet seen a single still, set photo or behind-the-scenes clip from the production of Thor, we now know to be true what we've expected about the first trailer for the film in that it will likely premiere at this year's San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Just like last year with the epic premiere of the Iron Man 2 trailer (albeit unfinished) last summer, we can expect a full panel presentation for the movie with director Kenneth Branagh and some key cast members. What a moment it will be when they unveil footage for Thor - Don't worry, Screen Rant will be there hours and hours in line to make sure we can report on this event for you.

Thor Cameos

We've known for a while that Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee will continue his tradition of having small special appearances in many Marvel films and we know he does so again with Thor, but what about the major players from the other Marvel Studios character movies?

It's confirmed that Agent Coulson from S.H.I.E.L.D. who appeared in Iron Man, will have a part in Thor to recruit the Asgardian Avenger, but what about Nick Fury, Tony Stark and others?

According to Latino Review's insider, neither characters played by Samuel L. Jackson or Robert Downey Jr. were written into the original script. However, as we know with these projects and as we saw with The Incredible Hulk, that can very much change and we can certainly expect to see at least some kind of special cameo appearance.

I'm still hoping to see Marvel take advantage of the cross-marketing potential of their shared Marvel movie universe to include a scene with other important characters and I'm still holding hope to see the introduction of a character like Hawkeye in one of these films.

Character Changes

The day before Thor was scheduled to being production, Stuart Townsend was replaced by actor Joshua Dallas. Townsend was set to play Fandral the Dashing, one of The Warriors Three who are allies and friends of Thor but due to the cliched "creative differences" Dallas now has the role. Strangely enough (or I suppose not so strange now) this same thing occurred with Townsend when he was to play Aragorn in the the Lord of the Rings trilogy - how things could have been oh so different.

Latino Review's latest reports shed some light on what truly happened here and it certainly doesn't look good on Townsend's part.

"It appears he wasn't happy with the limited screen-time of his character Fandral. There was friction with him from the very beginning as far back as his screen test which he basically blew off. He wasn't the first choice of either Marvel or the film's producers to begin with, but when they brought him in they liked him. They thought he did a good job. It looks like the fact that his character doesn't have a pivotal role in the movie made him sort of slack off and say, “Well, f**k this movie. I’m not the lead, so who f*cking cares?” They say he had a similar attitude when he made The Lord of the Rings ten years ago and look how that turned out. They replaced him with Viggo Mortensen and the rest is history. He failed to realize the movie is not called Fandral, it's called Thor. The movie’s not about him. Its surprising, because he was one of the longest working actors on the project yet he still acts like a diva. There was an incident where he had a costume test and blew that off. The studio had people working under deadlines fly in to meet him and he showed up six hours late. When they complained, his response was something like “Oh, well could we just do it now?” Talk about arrogance. Townsend's been replaced by another actor named Joshua Dallas and he's just come from doing Red Tails near San Francisco where the rumors of George Lucas directing re-shoots on the film are not rumors, they're true."

Who'd want to work with this guy?

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