Brian Tyler Talks Scoring 'Thor: The Dark World' and 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

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Marvel Studio's next sequel in Phase 2, Thor: The Dark World was originally going to be scored by Carter Burwell - taking over from director Kenneth Branagh's longtime collaborator Patrick Doyle on the God of Thunder's first movie - but the frequent Coen Brothers film composer ended up stepping aside, with the split begin chalked up to 'creative differences.'

It didn't take long for the studio to find a suitable replacement, and earlier this week it was announced that the job has gone to Brian Tyler (who also scored last month's Iron Man 3 and Now You See Me).

Tyler recently sat down for an interview with The Huffington Post, wherein he took questions from viewers via web chat and spoke about his career in general. In addition, he teased his plans for scoring The Dark World, as well as the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie reboot (which will reunite Tyler with Battle Los Angeles director Jonathan Liebesman).

On the topic of signing up to score Thor: The Dark World:

"That's very recent. It's a great film in the Marvel franchise, it's coming out in November. And the great thing about Thor and Iron Man and all this is that it relates to The Avengers. I think it's just fantastic how they've kept that universe a contained universe. Of course, these characters, they all have the rights to them. But I think it's really clever how they do it. And yet they all have a different feel. The feel of Thor is a very different than Iron Man. Yet they live in the same universe. For me, it's like somehow Indiana Jones showed up on the Enterprise; or something. It's just awesome! But it's great because, for me, I get to do something completely different and I'm really excited about that project."

You can watch the full Huffington Post interview with Tyler below:

Doyle has more experience composing for the fantasy/adventure genre than Tyler does, seeing how the majority of the latter's previous cinematic scores fall within the sci-fi (Star Trek: Enterprise, Eagle Eye and Battle LA) and/or action territory (The Expendables 1&2 and the third, fourth and fifth Fast and the Furious movies).

On the other hand, the Thor: The Dark World trailer gives off a distinct sci-fi vibe - in part because director Alan Taylor has taken a more grounded approach to Marvel's cosmic universe in the Thor sequel than Branagh did on the first movie - so perhaps Tyler will prove to be a better choice for the material than either Doyle or Burwell might have been.

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During the HP interview, Tyler was also questioned about his plans for scoring the new TMNT live-action movie - specifically, about whether or not he has any plans to reference or otherwise use the famous theme song from the 1980s TMNT cartoon series:

"It's like what they did with Transformers. I, of course, remember [the 'Transformers' TV show theme song] and the comic and then they made this live-action movie and it's really like 'Woah this is a cinematic thing,' and that's what they're going for with Turtles. There's something that really feels like there's a real threat and it's a lot of fun at the same time. So we'll see, I don't really know yet on that one."

Transformers franchise director Michael Bay is producing the TMNT reboot, so the expectation has long been that latter project will - for better or for worse - follow that nostalgic property's lead. That's to say, you probably shouldn't anticipate the 1980s theme song to be referenced in the reboot film, much less any other catchy leitmotifs or musical chords that've long been associated with the Heroes in a Half-Shell (not even in a movie that costars Whoopi Goldberg and works in a scene where Megan Fox hops on a trampoline).


Thor: The Dark World opens in U.S. theaters on November 8th, 2013.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reaches theaters on June 6th, 2014.

Source: The Huffington Post

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