Early Thor: The Dark World Concept Art Inspired By Game Of Thrones

Recently revealed concept art for Thor: The Dark World shows how much of an influence Game of Thrones nearly had on the movie. The God of Thunder's second solo film proved to be another solid hit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it hit theaters back in 2013. It raked in over $640 million at the box office amidst solid reviews, but hey, let's face it -- it's no one's favorite Marvel movie.

At the very least, it pales in comparison to its follow-up, Thor: Ragnarok, which recently wrapped up its theatrical run. The threequel debuted to widespread acclaim back in November, and in a year packed with spectacular superhero movies, it's gone down as one of the very best. Ragnarok's release on home media is only a few weeks away, so it's not a coincidence that fans have recently been treated to a barrage of concept art that was created for the film. From alternate looks for characters like Valkyrie, Hela, and even Thor himself, there's no shortage of glimpses of what could have been for the MCU smash making their way around the internet.

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It's tough to argue that Ragnarok doesn't dwarf The Dark World when you pit the two against each other, but that doesn't mean that the latter can't play the concept art game just as well. Thor's second solo outing was directed by Alan Taylor, who was best known for having directed five episodes of the hit HBO television series Game of Thrones prior to taking the MCU gig. The filmmaker's background clearly had an impact on The Dark World's early design work, as evidenced by the artwork that Marvel Studios concept artist Andy Park recently posted online. Check out the Asgardian king's Winterfell-approved outfit for yourself to see how Thor might look if he spent a few days wandering around north Westeros.

Thor's armor is a bit more colorful in the piece than it is on the big screen, but the big takeaway here is obviously the grey-brown pelt he's sporting on his shoulders. While the God of Thunder's long, blonde locks practically scream House Lannister, he definitely looks like he'd fit right in alongside Jon Snow, Sansa, and the rest of House Stark.

Now that star Chris Hemsworth has expressed an interest in returning for a fourth Thor movie after his contract expires with Avengers 4, it's safe to say that Ragnarok's success has managed to revitalize the franchise. Interest in the Asgardian king's solo outings had waned in the aftermath of the decidedly meh The Dark World, which has gone down as one of the MCU's weakest entries to date. Perhaps the film would have benefitted from a stronger GoT vibe?

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