Universal Wants Thor For 'Snow White & the Huntsman'

Chris Hemsworth's turn as the hammer-wielding hero Thor has already made the 27-year-old Australian actor a star - and the movie hasn't even opened in the U.S. yet. It's no surprise then that Universal has pegged him as its top choice to headline the fairy tale retelling project Snow White and the Huntsman, alongside Twilight's Kristen Stewart.

The part of the Huntsman belonged to Viggo Mortensen at one point, but the Lord of the Rings star decided to vacate the role less than two months ago. Hugh Jackman was previously being eyed as a potential replacement, but the Wolverine star passed on the offer - and Hemsworth might have to do the same, for similar comic book movie-related reasons (i.e. a scheduling conflict with The Avengers).

Variety has noted an interesting trend in Universal's casting approach for the male (lead) half of Snow White and the Huntsman. First the 52-year-old Mortensen was set for the part; then Jackman (who's a decade younger) was being looked at; and recently, 37-year-old Bourne Legacy candidate Joel Edgerton was said to be in the running. Now we're down to Hemworth, who's almost half the age of Mortesen.

So that begs the question(s): Has the mentor-student dynamic that was supposed to exist between the Huntsman and Snow White in Universal's film been changed? Could the movie feature a love triangle that involves the titular two characters and Prince Charming? And if so, does that mean that this project is now going to become (dare I say it) a Twilight-style romance meant to appeal to young adults?

Thor movie international trailer
The almighty Thor does not approve.

While Universal is undoubtedly pursing Hemsworth right now because his star meter is rapidly on the rise, it's possible that his age isn't much of a factor. Sure, he'll obviously lend extra sex appeal to Snow White and the Huntsman alongside Stewart (and a different kind than Mortensen, Jackman, or even Edgerton arguably would) but that doesn't necessarily mean that the film is deviating from its original plan and becoming more of a overtly romantic adventure.

On the other hand: Universal has competition in the form of Tarsem Singh's Snow White movie, which will also feature two youthful faces (Lily Collins and Armie Hammer) as its romantic leads. Combine that with the fact that both projects retell the classic Grimm Brothers' fairy tale as a more action-oriented story that features a Snow White character who (seemingly) has more of a modern mindset... well, it wouldn't be shocking to learn that the two have become increasingly similar since their original inception.

I bring all that up to say: If Snow White and the Huntsman IS going the more romance-heavy route, then I'm definitely more interested in seeing Singh's project, personally. It'll benefit to some degree from the Immortals director's surreal artistic sensibilities, will feature as much (if not more) of a true adventure plot as Huntsman - and unlike the latter, Singh's Snow White looks to have much more on her mind than just handsome boys and men.

Thanks Universal, but no thanks: I've seen Stewart as part of a romantic triangle in a fantasy series before - I recommend you just stick with the original plan for Snow White and the Huntsman instead.

Source: Variety

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