First Image Of Chris Hemsworth as Thor!

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Kicking things off in high-gear today we have the very first image of Chris Hemsworth (Ca$h) as Thor in Kenneth Branagh's upcoming adaptation of the Marvel character.

Does Hemsworth look the part? What is his costume like - is it more old Thor or new Thor? Don't wait another second - take a look!

The image comes to us exclusively from Yahoo Movies. It's good about showing us enough of Hemsworth as Thor, without showing us too much. Check it this enhanced version, courtesy of our own Vic Holtreman:


thor movie costume chris hemsworth

For a larger version head over to Yahoo Movies

So let's break it down: The goldie locks hair is there from the looks of it, and it seems we'll be getting the bearded version of the character. The armor fits the description given a few months back from a source close to Thor's production, who described the armor as "medieval future tech look, a little less traditional than the comic but still very very awesome." We questioned the legitimacy of that report earlier, but it seems to have been accurate, if this photo is anything to judge by.

Keeping the red cape? Awesome.

As for Hemsworth - in my opinion (and other members of the SR staff), dude is doing his thing. The look on his face in the photo definitely has that heavy, angry, brooding, dramatic expression one would expect of Thor. Can we finally disregard all those rumors about certain cast members expressing displeasure with Hemsworth's acting? Ask me again when we see the Thor trailer (hopefully at this summer's Comic Con).

thor movie costume

Anyway, there's only about a year left before Thor will be here; we recently saw the first image of The Destroyer, Thor's nemesis, now we're seeing the God of thunder himself, and [Spoiler Alert!] If you don't know, there are already images of Thor's most trusted weapon floating around the Interweb. Expect the reveals to keep coming - and be sure to check back here at Screen Rant.

Thor will be in theaters on May 6, 2011

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Source: Yahoo Movies

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