New Thor & Captain America Movie Logos?

Logos for Thor and Captain America movies

Two of the biggest summer blockbusters hitting theaters next summer are Marvel Studios' Thor and The First Avenger: Captain America. Other than casting announcements and news of production schedules, we've only been treated to one single picture from these movies and that was of Chris Hemsworth in costume as Thor.

We know that Marvel is saving the big reveals for International Comic-Con in San Diego late next month but we may have a hint as to what the updated official logos for both Thor and Captain America may look like.

The two images originate from an inside source of CBM but are unfortunately only available in low-resolution. Check out what may be the official movie logos for Marvel's next two superhero movies:

captain america movie logo
Thor movie logo

I like the Thor logo and its cosmic feel more than the Captain America design myself but that may be because I'm a lot more excited about the Thor movie. Both however, are quite a bit different than the movie logos Marvel put out last year when unveiling the release dates for their current line-up of feature films:

Marvel Movie Logos for Thor, Captain America, Iron Man 2 and Avengers

That image tries to keep the comic book feel and we can see that they're going with a more contemporary feel if in fact, these newer logos are authentic Marvel Studios designs.

What do you think of the logos?

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Iron Man 2 is currently in theaters everywhere; Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America begins shooting in London next month and hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

Header image credit: Jeremy Roberts and Jason Metcalf

Source: CBM

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