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This summer movie season kicks off with the release of Marvel's highly-anticipated comic book pic Thor, and the studio's Captain America: The First Avenger will follow less than three months later. Both of those films' namesakes will then team up next year for the superhero ensemble piece, The Avengers.

Marvel keeps adding fuel to the fire that is fan anticipation for both these movies and has now released a handful of high-quality images from the two films.

The second official Thor trailer was unleashed last week, and while it contained some dazzling new footage of Asgardians in battle, the theatrical preview largely focused on the film's plot - especially that concerning the aftermath of Thor's (Chris Hemsworth) banishment to Earth and his subsequent rise as a defender of humanity.

Natalie Portman costars in the film as Jane Foster, a scientist and subsequent love interest for the titular blonde bruiser. Her romantic entanglements with Thor not only encourage humility on the almighty warrior's part, but also provide a means for director Kenneth Branagh to humanize the title character and make him accessible to mainstream moviegoers.

These two new stills from Thor don't contain anything in the way of fantastical beasts or visuals, but do offer a reminder that the relationship between Hemsworth's deity and Portman's regular gal will play a pivotal role in the film. On the other hand - those that couldn't care less about their love affair, don't worry, the movie will have plenty scenes of Thor throwing down Mjolnir in battle too.

Check out the new Thor images below:

Jane Foster and Thor
Chris Hemsworth Natalie Portman Thor movie image

Captain America

Super Bowl XLV featured the first Captain America TV trailer and the material on display was enough to get fans all the more excited to see Chris Evans' portrayal of the hero onscreen. A full theatrical trailer has yet to be released, but that should change in the near future.

The footage that has been revealed from director Joe Johnston's Captain America movie showed Steve Rogers (Evans) in his early days as a short and scrawny soldier struggling to handle battle in W.W.II, and his eventual transformation into a muscle-bound fighter for the U.S. Naturally it's too early to reach any solid conclusions about the film, but so far the signs are good.

These Captain America images include yet another full-body look at The First Avenger in costume, as well as a high-quality version of the previously-released pic of Johann Schmidt/Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) holding the Cosmic Cube. Hayley Atwell also looks rockin' in leather duds as the Captain's sweetheart, Peggy Carter, and that still with Col. Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) features a first look at The Tudor's Natalie Dormer as Private Lorraine as well.

Check out all the new Captain America images in the gallery below:

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Thor hits theaters this year on May 6th, and Captain America: The First Avenger will follow on July 22nd.

The two superheros will unite in The Avengers next summer.

Source: Marvel

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