'Thor' Set Tour and Cast Interview

Entertainment Tonight visited the set of Thor recently and came up with a four-minute featurette to share. While most of it is from an interview with stars Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, there is some good set footage as well.

The parts of the segment that truly stand out are those from Thor's set. A momentary glance at Chris Hemsworth in full Asgardian garb provides our first full-body look at the Thor costume. Another clip shows the intimidating bulk Hemsworth has put on, only enhanced by Portman's petite figure.

In the interview, Hemsworth briefly discusses his feelings about portraying a relatively untapped Marvel legend. Additionally, a small moment is carved out for director Kenneth Branagh's opinion of his now-mammoth Australian leading man.

Enough talk, take a look at the Thor set video:

Quick shots of supporting characters in the film give us a few first sneak peeks. Antony Hopkins is a foreboding figure as Odin, wearing a mighty cool eye patch.

There is also a shot of what appears to be Idris Elba as Heimdall, but I can't be too sure. What do you think?

Unfortunately, most of the video is focused on an interview inside a trailer. It is disappointing they talk so little about the film itself, and instead focus on Australia's Dancing With The Stars and Natalie Portman's brief rap career. Yet, at the same time, the comfort with which Portman and Hemsworth talk is soothing to those wary of this film. The interview portion is proof of the great chemistry and relationship between two of the film's most important stars.

While many will be focusing on the movie's rendition of the original Thor comic, for me, the chemistry between performers ultimately makes or breaks a film. It hurts to think about the lack of chemistry between performers in the Star Wars prequels - the scenes with Portman and Hayden Christensen were about as flat as the green screen behind them. Thankfully, this interview with Entertainment Tonight suggests Hemsworth and Portman get along extremely well.

Overall, the four-minute video gives eager fans a solid look at the filming process behind Thor and the actors involved. Information has been scarce, but maybe this will jump start the promotional campaign leading up to this summer's Comic Con. We will be on top of it for you, so continue to check back for details.

Does the footage get you excited for Thor? Are you any more or less confident in the film now? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Thor crashes into theaters May 6th, 2011.

Source: Entertainment Tonight via /Film

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