Thor: Love & Thunder’s Villain Should Be Marvel’s Enchantress

Marvel Studios has confirmed Thor: Love and Thunder is coming to theaters in 2021, and we think that Enchantress is the perfect fit for the villain. Following the overwhelming success of Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel isn't waiting around to continue with the franchise. Taika Waititi is set to return to write and direct the movie and the title for his sequel points to another big adventure in the fourth installment.

The title reveal for Thor: Love and Thunder first appeared to be a possible tease of a Thor and Valkyrie romance as Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson were confirmed for the film. But, it has since continued to take on even greater meaning. Thor's former love Jane Foster is returning, and she'll get thunder of her own as Natalie Portman suits up as Mighty Thor. Additionally, Thompson teased that Valkyrie will be searching for her queen in the sequel, pointing towards a film that is heavy on romance.

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This recurring trend of love and mention of it in the actual title of the film is proof that it will be a significant part of Thor: Love and Thunder. If this theme of love is something Waititi has baked into his second Marvel Cinematic Universe film, then there is a great chance that the villain of the piece will also be tied to this theme. There just so happens to be a noteworthy Thor villain from Marvel Comics that fits this mold perfectly and has yet to be utilized in the MCU: Enchantress.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Enchantress made her Marvel debut in the pages of Journey Into Mystery #103 in 1964. She is a gorgeous sorceress, also known as Amora, who is best known for trying to seduce her targets. The combination of her looks and magic ability makes Enchantress nearly irresistible to men, whether they are mortal or immortal. Amora has been a longtime foe of Thor in the comics but also has a genuine affection for him at other points in Marvel history. She can typically be seen teaming up with Skurge the Executioner, who serves as her muscle when necessary. Recently, she played a small role in Jason Aaron's Mighty Thor series, which is what gave Waititi the idea to bring Jane back as the goddess of thunder.

With her natural and magical abilities, Enchantress could pose a completely different type of problem for Thor. Instead of a villain that Thor can simply overpower, Enchantress would be able to cast a spell on him so he is loyal to her and her alone. This could make Thor somewhat of an antagonist potentially in the film, and maybe even make him unworthy, leading to Jane becoming the new Thor. But, he may not be the only one who can't resist her. With Valkyrie confirmed to be LGBTQ, the MCU could broaden the alure of Amora and see Valkyrie fall for her as well.

If Thor and Valkyrie both potentially fell for Enchantress, it could leave Mighty Thor as the only one who is able to resist her charms. The return of Portman is not expected to be for a small role, so Enchantress getting at least Thor Odinson on her side for part of Thor: Love and Thunder could leave Jane to try and snap him out of it. Depending on how the movie attempts to tell the Mighty Thor story, its possible that Odinson won't know Jane is the new Thor right away. So, it could take Jane revealing this to be true that shakes Odinson free from Enchantress' control. Even beyond her charm, Enchantress could give the movie more magic, something that is a common thread throughout Phase 4. With Thor: Love and Thunder already rapidly approaching, it may not be long before we know who the villain will be and whether or not this hunch about Enchantress is right.

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