THOR's Lost Brother Returns To Marvel - Are Movies Next?

WARNING: This article contains potential SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War


Thor's teaming up with his brother Balder in Marvel Comics - and it's the exact story Thor 4 needs. That's probably going to require some explanation, since even the most devoted fans of the Thor movie series will be stunned to learn that Thor and Loki have another brother being brought back into the comic book mix. His name is Balder, the King of Hel, and he's promising to breathe new life into Marvel's ongoing Thor comic universe.

The reunion between Thor and Balder comes as part of Marvel's "Fresh Start" line of comic relaunches. But where other titles are seeing new creative teams, new reboots, or returns to Marvel's roots, the relaunched Thor comic is continuing the same story Jason Aaron has been telling for years. With nobody left to turn to for help, Thor seeks out his long-lost brother, the guardian of all Asgardian dead.

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Which sounds more and more like a story that Marvel's movie universe would be wise to consider. Especially if the goal is to convince Chris Hemsworth to keep playing Thor. The insanity of Ragnarok helped rejuvenate the hero's franchise, and after Infinity War, a team-up film with the King of Hel may actually make perfect sense...

This Page: Thor is Teaming Up With His Lost Brother, The King of Hel

Thor & Loki Are Reuniting With Their Brother Balder

Balder's role in the realm of modern Thor comics has varied a bit over the past few years, with Jason Aaron re-introducing him in recent issues as the King of Hel, ruler of the dead in Niffleheim. Valhalla may be out of his reach, but as the current Death of Thor comic storyline has shaken the foundations of the Marvel Universe, Balder has heard the rumblings. He's even been defending his realm against the Queen of Cinders (Surtur's daughter).

But in Marvel's comic solicitations for their new #1s coming in June, the synopsis for Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo's THOR #2 promises a brotherly reunion. With guns. And giant dogs. So yeah, a fitting follow-up for fans of Ragnarok's style:

The sons of Odin ride again! In the land of the dead, Thor is reunited with his long-lost brother, Balder, the King of Hel, just in time to face the Fire Goblin armies of the Queen of Cinders, as the War of the Realms continues to burn its way across all creation. Plus Loki! Thori the Hel-hound! Skurge with a really big gun! Monster trucks! And more!

Comic readers may have been following Balder's new mission as King of Hel, but Thor hasn't. The sense of humor at work in the plot description and artwork is promising a wild ride into Asgardian afterlife, and if you ask us, the minds at Marvel Studios should be paying attention.

Let's be clear: to explain why the introduction of Thor's (other) brother into the Marvel Cinematic universe makes sense, we will need to wade into some serious Infinity War SPOILERS. Or presumed spoilers, at the very least. Because an examination of the trailers for the new Avengers movie may plainly show why Thor may soon be without his brother Loki... and may be without any of the Asgardian survivors of Ragnarok, either.

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