A new Thor: Ragnarok featurette has stars Cate Blanchett and Chris Hemsworth, along with director Taika Waititi examine the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first female villain – Hela the Goddess of Death. With the release of the third film starring Hemsworth as the titular character less than a month away, Marvel Studios is highlighting new Thor: Ragnarok content daily as part of its “31 Days of HelaWeen” celebration – an obvious take on the scariest month of the year named after the most frightening character in the film.

While the new “HelaWeen” content doesn’t exclusively focus on Hela, she’s definitely front and center in a new video, including never-before-seen footage and dialogue of the character from the upcoming film. Waiti says in the video that Blanchett is something the MCU hasn’t seen before, “destroyed the idea of playing your typical villain.”

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The video displays, as Hemsworth describes it, Hela’s “insane, off-kilter attitude” as she does things like laying waste to Asgard, facing off against Thor and Loki (Tom Hiddleston), and recruiting Skurge (Karl Urban) to become part of her army. We discover that Hela is so warped that, as Blanchett says, “some of her happiest times are beating people up” and throwing “axes into someone’s gut.” The video concludes with Blanchett laughing as she says, “It’s been good” as we’re treated to a showdown where Hela and Thor are directly charging at one-another, weapons in hand.

Thor Ragnarok Hela Powers Infinity Stone Thor 3: New Hela Trailer Showcases Marvels First Female Villain

Given Blanchett’s amazing body of work, which includes seven Oscar nominations (two in the same year in 2008), including two wins for The Aviator (for Best Supporting Actress) and Blue Jasmine (for Best Actress), fans are no doubt in for a real treat when they see her bring Hela to life in her full glory. While Blanchett certainly isn’t a stranger to fantasy films (she was stunning in her ethereal performance as Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films), Thor: Ragnarok is certainly a departure as she ventures for the first time in the superhero genre.

She may have been a force for goodness in the J.R.R. Tolkien movie adaptations, but Blanchett has well-proved before that she has an incredible handle on playing  villains with animated actions; having mastered the role of the evil stepmother Lady Tremaine opposite Lily James as the titular character in director Kenneth Branagh’s brilliant live-action adaptation of Cinderella in 2015. Of course, all of what Blanchett brings to Hela in Thor: Ragnarok is yet to be seen, but judging everything the production has released so far, her performance promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

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Source: Marvel

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