Doctor Strange Warns Thor in New Ragnarok TV Spot

A new TV spot for Thor: Ragnarok shows some more of Doctor Strange's cameo. In just under three weeks, the third Thor film will be in theaters. With only two movies left until Avengers: Infinity WarThor Ragnarok and Black Panther - Marvel is gearing up by getting the various heroes where they need to be for the studio's biggest team up yet. As the trailers for Thor: Ragnarok have already revealed, Thor will be reunited with The Hulk. But the big green guy will not be the only reunion that the god of thunder will have in his upcoming movie.

When we last left the planet Asgard, Loki had taken over by disguising himself as Odin. Since then, Thor helped the Avengers - including Bruce Banner who then went into hiding - defeat Ultron. And now, Thor brought Loki to Earth so they could find the real Odin - a task which Doctor Strange offers to help him accomplish.

A new TV spot - seen above - has been released by Marvel Entertainment which emphasizes some of Thor's allies in his upcoming battle. We start with Doctor Strange, who has a warning for Thor. The spot opens with Hela's attack. Immediately, Doctor Strange tells Thor "Destiny has dire plans for you, my friend." Never one to be frightened off, Thor responds with "Well, I have dire plans for destiny."

From there, the spot focuses on how Thor plans to fight Hela to reclaim Asgard. Having learned the value of teamwork with The Avengers, Thor's plan is to create his own team. Himself, The Hulk, Loki, and his new friend Valkyrie, who is clearly more than a match for anyone who tries to face her. While all of Thor's allies are given a moment to show how capable they are, the second half of the trailer belongs to Valkyrie, who can fire a massive machine-like gun and takes such an impressive leap that she wants to be sure both Thor and Banner saw her do it.

While it may be Thor's name in the title and his home on the line, clearly he is willing to accept help from whoever he can. As for Doctor Strange's warning, until Thor: Ragnarok comes to theaters on November 3, all fans can do is hope that Thor was right about his ability to take on destiny.

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Source: Marvel Entertainment

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