New Thor: Ragnarok Toyline Includes a Cracked Version of Mjolnir

Chris Hemsworth in Thor Ragnarok

A new toy line for Thor: Ragnarok has been unveiled, giving fans the chance to wield Mjolnir, smash like the Hulk, and channel their inner Grandmaster with gladiators of their own. Increasingly, information about blockbusters is revealed long before official images and trailers thanks to merchandise. From clothes to toys to food products, the wide-ranging deals that modern tentpoles strike with consumer goods means plot points and costumes get the spotlight in some unusual ways. Considering how much money companies like Marvel make on licensing their characters, however, this is unlikely to stop.

The flipside for fans is that there a plenty of fun toys and other items to get a hold of before an upcoming film debuts. While the teaser for Ragnarok was exciting, it's one of the few looks we've had at the film ahead of its release later this year. That will likely change when Marvel brings Ragnarok to SDCC next month, but for now, toy releases have provided some fun and intriguing insight into the movie. The recent reveal of two Ragnarok LEGO sets not only hinted at some of the film's action scenes, but introduced a few new characters to the MCU. Now, fans can channel the characters from the film with the latest toyline from the third Thor "solo" adventure.

EW has revealed a new Hasbro line of toys for Thor: Ragnarok that will be available sometime this fall. In the mix are gladiator versions of both Hulk and Thor, along with some role-playing accessories to help fans play-act their favorite scenes. Check them out below:

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The gladiator versions of Thor and Hulk are exquisitely detailed and come with removable battle helms and weaponry. The former will run for $19.99 with the latter coming in at $34.99. Meanwhile, the new Mjolnir toy comes complete with cracks and lightning ripples, reminiscent of Hela destroying it in the Ragnarok trailer. It also boasts sound effects and a $19.99 price tag.

For those looking to channel their inner Hulk, both a mask and some new Hulk fists are available. The mask runs for $19.99 and has a moveable mouth and eyebrows. The fists don't have a price tag yet, but feature an accelerometer that creates sounds based on movement.

While we've previously seen new Marvel Legends figures based on the comic Ragnarok, these mark the first movie-based ones. Meanwhile, Funko's Ragnarok figurines feature a new look for Thor and two versions of Hela, along with additional supporting characters from the film.

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Source: EW

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