Thor: Ragnarok Funko Toyline Includes a Surtur Figure

A new line of Thor: Ragnarok Funko Pop! figures arrive, further confirming that the Marvel comic villain Surtur will be in the film.

A new line of Funkos have been unveiled for Thor: Ragnarok, confirming the existence of the villainous Surtur. With Comic-Con and D23 on the horizon, fans will soon learn a lot more about Marvel's upcoming slate of films. Chief among them will be Thor: Ragnarok, set to premiere this November. Not only will Ragnarok wrap up the Thor movie trilogy, it will also upend much of the MCU to date. Likely, one of the big reveals in the film will be that of the final Infinity Stone. There have also been hints that Hela's (Cate Blanchett) destruction of Mjolnir will be permanent in the movie.

Aside from the official announcements that will be arriving at this month's expos, a number of Ragnarok plot points may be revealed through the medium of toys. The release of merchandise for big-budget films has long spoiled parts of the film not seen in other marketing, and that will definitely be the case with Ragnarok. Thanks to a couple of LEGO sets, we know at least one new Asgardian creature will join the MCU. Now, a few more additions to the film have been unveiled.

Funko has posted a gallery of figures that it will be releasing soon for Thor: Ragnarok. The biggest reveal here is Surtur. Long presumed to be in Ragnarok, Surtur has a number of connections to the comic cataclysm of the same name. Ruling over the fiery realm off Muspelheim, fans have suspected that is where Thor is chained up in the opening of the Ragnarok teaser. Now, thanks to the toyline reveal (see below), that seems all the more likely.

The full toyline showcases a number of cool figures and also reveals some more aliens (giant spider with sword arms, anyone?) and a Celestial. While the latter could have ties to the Infinity Stone, Surtur's inclusion showcases just how big of a deal the events in Ragnarok will be to the MCU.

It's unclear what role Surtur will play in the film, given that Hela appears to be the big bad - though it's bound to be significant, given his comic history. As Loki freeing of Surtur in the comics brings about Ragnarok, perhaps the rogue will strike a deal with both the fiery villain and Hela. Then again, Surtur could be downgraded to a simple threat that we see Thor face near the beginning of the film. While that latter idea might anger some fans, it wouldn't be the first time Marvel has dispatched a major comic villain in a frivolous way on the big screen.

While we wait to learn more, this is hardly the first set of toys we've had from Ragnarok. Aside from the aforementioned LEGOs, we've seen Ragnarok role playing toys and a line of Ragnarok action figures featuring the major characters. While the toy reveals have been fun, a second Thor: Ragnarok would be welcome and is expected, soon.

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Source: Funko

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