Thor: Ragnarok's Epic, Techno Soundtrack is Now Available

The full soundtrack to Thor: Ragnarok has been released on both iTunes and Spotify this weekend ahead of the film's release next month. Marvel's last film release of 2017, Ragnarok brings back not only Chris Hemsworth as Thor but Mark Ruffalo's Hulk in a galactic team-up that has been generating massive hype. The film promises to be the funniest Thor movie to date, as well as the brightest. The marketing for the film has emphasized the vivid colors and eye-popping feel of the film - as well as something of an '80s style.

The throwback vibe isn't anything over the top or jarring, but from the moment that the logo was released, it's been clear that there is something a little bit retro about the film. Director Taika Waititi has described Ragnarok as having a "70s/'80s sci-fi fantasy" feel, as well - and now the soundtrack has been released, revealing synth-heavy arrangements and a techno feel.

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The soundtrack, released this weekend on both iTunes and Spotify, includes 23 instrumental tracks in total, and is available to purchase for $9.99. It includes very expected titles such as 'Ragnarok Suite', and tracks that clearly relate to specific scenes, such as 'Hela vs Asgard' and 'Arena Fight', glimpses of which have already been seen in the trailers. In addition, the soundtrack includes a few gems that capture the comedic spirit of the film, like the imaginatively named 'Devil's Anus'.

Thor: Ragnarok logo and characters

The soundtrack is heavy on the techno, with 80s synth in many of the tracks. 'Grandmaster Jam Session' and 'Sakaar Chase' are particularly retro in a way that clearly matches the 70s/80s tone of the marketing. However, the soundtrack has some variety, with a nice balance of more traditional and orchestral numbers, such as 'Twilight of the Gods' and 'Where's The Sword'.

Overall, the soundtrack perfectly matches what we've seen of the film so far, blending more kitschy sounds of keyboards and synthesizers with the kind of stirring instrumentals that we have come to expect from blockbuster superhero movies. As the motion picture soundtrack, this album includes only instrumentals, without any familiar pop songs, but that doesn't mean that these will not be included in the film.

Fans hoping for some hints of what's to come in the film may be disappointed, as there are no big reveals to be found in the titles of the pieces, as most (like 'Hela vs Asgard') refer to events that have been revealed in the trailers. Others are simply to broad to really give anything away. Despite this, it's a fantastic soundtrack to simply enjoy, and confirms that the film will have a very consistent and fun feel.

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