Thor 3 Reshoots Underway with Mark Ruffalo as Hulk

Thor: Ragnarok star Mark Ruffalo reveals on social media he is gearing up to play The Hulk once more as the film undergoes some reshoots.

Taika Waititi isn't done with the Hulk yet, as it appears Mark Ruffalo is heading back to work for some reshoots on Thor: Ragnarok. While each of the previous entires in the Thor series has done well enough at the box office, its still one of Marvel Studios weaker franchises in terms of critical and financial success. This year's Ragnarok looks to fittingly upend that status quo, however, as the first teaser has fans and casual moviegoers alike excited for another unique corner of the Marvel universe to be explored.

We're still waiting for a proper look at the film, but the teaser is already Marvel's most-viewed ever. Even more impressive, it's the best performer for Disney as well, besting even The Force Awakens. All told, things are looking good for the third film in the franchise and one that will likely set up a number of events for next year's Avengers: Infinity War. Part of the excitement is also due to the inclusion of the Hulk, giving the movie a cosmic buddy cop feeling with plenty of smashing and fighting. And though principle photography has already wrapped for the film, Hulk isn't quite done yet.

Mark Ruffalo took to his Facebook to post a picture of himself preparing to go into Hulk mode once again, teasing a return to Raganarok. Check it out below:

From the vague wording, it's easy to assume Ruffalo is heading back to do reshoots on Ragnarok. In recent years, nearly every blockbuster movie has gone through this process, usually to touch up things that aren't quite working in the edit bay, add last minute cameos, or even film end credits scenes. And considering how Ragnarok is looking more and more like Planet Hulk, it's not surprising to see Ruffalo back.

The one potential wrinkle to this story is that just three days ago, word broke of Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth in Scotland where shooting for Infinity War is underway. Meanwhile, Ragnarok did most of its filming in Australia. It could be that with the actor on hand at a Marvel set, the reshoots took place there. Either that, or he's already wrapped his scene in Scotland and jetted off for the reshoots.

While the timelines of Marvel movies are no longer overlapping in-universe, the same can't be said for the real life production schedules. With Ragnarok shooting right up against Infinity War, other actors like Tessa Thompson have hardly had a break. Meanwhile, Chadwick Boseman will likely soon head to Scotland as well, following Black Panther recently wrapping. Their hard work is our gain, however, as Thor: Ragnarok is shaping up to be one epic film.

Source: Mark Ruffalo

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