Thor 3: Planet Hulk's Korg and Miek Confirmed

During Marvel's Open House event, members of the press were invited to tour Marvel Studios, where executive producer Victoria Alonso and Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Whatiti unveiled a character that hasn't been announced in the film yet.

Last fall, Taika Whatiti posted a picture on Instagram of a Korg keyboard pedal with the caption, "Watch this space #Ragnarok." At the time we didn't know if Taika was dropping a hint at about the inclusion Planet Hulk's giant rock monster Korg or trolling fans.  Now it looks like we can confirm that we'll be seeing the Korg and insectoid alien Miek in Thor: Ragnarok. Here's what Whatiti had to say about Korg:

"His name is Korg, like the piano, and he's a Kronan! I mean, I know you've seen (Thor) Dark World. At the beginning of Dark World, there's a Kronan there. This is kind of a relation to that guy. He's not as tall. He's sort of about eight feet tall, and he's um, made of rocks. He's one of the creatures featured in the Planet Hulk storyline along with another character called Miek who is also in the film, so we're borrowing those from their storyline and putting them in the arena, the Contest of Champions, that the Grandmaster, Jeff Goldblum runs on the planet Sakaar, which the Hulk is the main champion."

Watch this space... #Ragnarok

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In the comic, his body is made up of an alien silicon-based substance that makes him very durable and incredibly strong. The picture that was shown of Korg was very remainest of his comic book counterpart except for the color of rock that Korg seems more like a graphite type color. In Planet Hulk, Korg is a prisoner on the planet of Sakaar, and is forced into gladiatorial battle for entertainment. He ends up becoming an ally an important ally of Hulk's and plays a pivotal role in helping the Hulk conquer the planet. Whatiki went on to say, "He's one of the few characters to befriend Thor on the planet. He helps him out. Sort of explains how things go and becomes an ally to Thor." It looks like the Grandmaster is seemingly replacing the Red King from the Planet Hulk storyline and the God of Thunder has the Hulk's role.

The other character from the Planet Hulk storyline that will be appearing in the film is Miek. Miek starts off as an ally to the Hulk but later tries to manipulate him into rampaging across the galaxy, as well as destroying Earth. The animation that we saw of Miek had him in a red exoskeleton suit and he was doing some form of kung fu. Here's what Taika had to say about Miek:

"This other character here is Miek. He's from the comics as well. He's sort of like an insectoid. He sort of has a cool exoskeleton with knife hands. He's basically sort of a larva shaped thing. He controls the exoskeleton with these controls and stuff. He's way more graceful than Korg. Much more efficient and Miek does not talk."

Whatiki also wants to change how the character of Korg is perceived. He is described as being huge and heavy with a very light soul, and very lovable. Whatiki then let us know that would be playing Korg in the motion-capture and voicing the character. We were then treated to a scene of Thor: Ragnarok where Thor is first introduced to Korg and Miek in the cells of the Grandmaster. Korg introduces himself to Thor quite hilariously. Thor asks how he and Miek ended up in the Grandmaster's cells. Miek replies, "I tried to start a revolution but I didn't print enough pamphlets." He then tries to recruit Thor for his next revolution.

The tone of Thor: Ragnarok is drastically different than Thor: The Dark World. Korg seems like he will bring a much need light-heartedness to the franchise that was definitely lacking before. Whatiti seems to be hinting that Korg could be the heart of this film and could steal every scene he is in. We'll have to wait until November to see Korg, Miek, and Thor start their revolution in the battle arena.

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