Marvel’s Gallery of Modern Art  (which opened recently in Australia) continues to give enticing glimpses of the forthcoming MCU movie Thor: Ragnarok, the newest of which is a look at the planet Sakaar.  One day after unveiling new exhibits online, revealing the design of several locations including Hulk’s bed and the Asgard Throne, another image has been posted to Twitter. This also gives further detail to the visuals of the film and it’s differing tone to the previous Thor movies.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect about Thor: Ragnarok is the way in which it will tie into the much-loved Planet Hulk comic-book saga. Ever since director Taika Waititi revealed that at least part of the plot would be set on Sakaar, the war planet where the character rose from Gladiator to Ruler, fans frustrated at the lack of a new Hulk movie have been excited to see the results. Wishes came true with the brief sequences of the two Avengers fighting in an arena in the International trailer, and the confirmed appearance of two characters allied to Hulk in the original story.

However, we can now get a detailed (if small-scale) view of the Gladiator Arena itself and the city in which Thor will be imprisoned whilst absent from Asgard. MCU News & Tweets have posted a photo on Twitter, showing the official scaled model of the location which is currently on display at the gallery. It seems in keeping with the previous vibrant colors from the trailers and promo shots, and gives some idea of the massive size of the arena, along with the off-world crazy architecture of the planet itself. It’s easy to see this looking pretty impressive on screen as the two superheroes proceed to fight in the expected Sakaar-shattering way. Interestingly, it does seem a slight departure from the original comic-book renderings of Sakaar, which were predominantly stone-based (even their spaceships were made of stone).

At the same time Andy Park, a concept artist at Marvel Studios, has tweeted a stunning image which is being used to illustrate the hardcover gallery book. It depicts a fully-armoured Thor, surrounded by lightning and framed by the supporting characters from the film, and could easily be mistaken for an International poster for the film itself.

All of these promotional images continue to whet the appetite for the film, and confirm that Waititi is producing something that will appeal to fans of the Hulk as well as the Thunder God, actual spoilers and full details for the plot itself are still absent. Many questions still remain as to what part Loki will play in the proceedings, who Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster is allied with, why Valkyrie is working against Thor, and whether the title indicates an end to the kingdom of Asgard forever. And of course, that’s not even mentioning the Infinity Stones…

Whatever happens in the plot, the actual visual style looks to be a vast step-up from the previous Thor excursions with a more larger universe feel to it, making it feel right at home with what else we’ve seen of Marvel’s cosmic realm.

Thor: Ragnarok is released on Nov 3, 2017

Source: MCU News & Tweets / Andy Park (via Twitter)

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