Thor 3: Loki Is Responsible For Hela's Arrival

Loki is responsible for Hela's arrival and takeover of Asgard. Among all the other subplots that Thor: Ragnarok will tread once it hits theaters in less than two months, the main narrative remains to be the God of Thunder's racing through time to save his home planet from the evil clutches of the Goddess of Death. And apparently, this serious predicament that Thor and the rest of the Asgardian's are currently on is all rooted from Loki's conniving ways.

While director Taika Waititi has been adamant that he approached Ragnarok as a standalone, separate from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film, as it turns out, is still kicked-off directly by the events of Thor: The Dark World when Loki was revealed to have been impersonating as Odin and has taken the Asgard throne as his own. Apparently, while the God of Mischief was busy relishing on the power that being a king gives him, he was neglecting all the responsibilities that came with the title including keeping all looming threats on the planet at bay. A short slip on security was all Hela needed to emerge and attempt a hostile take-over on Asgard.

Ragnarok producer Brad Winderbaum gave out some interesting bits of information regarding Hela's arrival on Asgard and how Loki factors in all of this during Screen Rant's visit on the set of the film giving us an inkling as to how the events of the threequel will kick off.

"[When] we left Loki, he kind of achieved his goals, he became the king of Asgard, and he is ruling that place. And what we come to learn, what Thor comes to learn early on, is that there's a lot of terrible things in the cosmos that just shouldn't be that way. And we learn that Odin was doing far more than it seemed on the surface to keep the universe safe.

"There were all these threats that he had quelled or was keeping at bay, using his strength and power to do so, that Loki was completely unprepared for. So he becomes the King of Asgard, everything is great, it's a good party. But he failed to realize the threats that were just over the horizon, Hela being the biggest and most terrible one of all."

This reveal gives us more context to a previously released behind-the-scenes snap of Thor seemingly confronting Loki about something that he has done. Initially perceived as something regarding his adopted brother impersonating their father and sitting on the throne himself, the consequences on Loki mischief will be far bigger as it would possibly spell the end for Asgard. We all know that the God of Thunder has been searching the universe for Thanos, which explains his absence in his home planet while Loki is playing king.

Additionally, piecing Winderbaum's comments with Mark Ruffalo's (who reprises his MCU role as Bruce Banner/The Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok) earlier ones, it sounds like Hela has been existing for a very long time. At one point, she might have even attempted something sinister against Asgard prompting Odin to command Valkyrie and her troops to either banish her or lock her up someplace where she won't be able to wreak havoc. Now that she is back, Hela being fueled with her personal grudge makes her a more compelling and interesting adversary compared to just a generic villain who happens to want to suddenly take-over the planet.

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