Thor 3 LEGO Sets Spotlight Berserkers & Armored Hulk

Lego Thor and Hulk and Ragnarok

LEGO has officially unveiled its new Thor: Ragnarok sets, showcasing the new and returning characters in the upcoming Marvel epic. While Spider-Man: Homecoming will take place in the more grounded corner of the MCU, Marvel's other two 2017 offerings are all about the cosmic. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 continued the franchise's exploration of the Marvel cosmos, but the Thor series has been more quietly doing the same for years. This fall's Ragnarok, however, will be the most intergalactic yet, as Thor and Hulk travel the realms attempting to thwart Hela.

As the recent international trailer for the film reminded us, the movie will see Thor interacting with a number of new faces in a variety of colorful locales. Thor's world has always been about the extraterrestrial, so removing him from Earth and allowing him to spend more time in Asgard and beyond will help open up the more fantastical corners of Marvel's cinematic universe. Part of that will come in the form of new characters like Valkyrie and the Grandmaster, and new locations like Hel and Sakaar. But Thor's comic book pantheon is rife with characters and concepts just waiting to be adapted. And thanks to some new looks a the film, it appears that a few more of them will be joining the MCU.

Flickering Myth has a new batch of photos showcasing two official LEGO sets for Thor: Ragnarok. One centers on the Grandmaster's gladiator arena on Sakaar, seen a number of times in the marketing. The other shows a snowy scene where Thor and his friends must take on Hela. Both also provide new looks at the characters, and we even get to see a few new characters introduced. Check them out in the gallery below:

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The arena set mostly just gives us new looks at the Grandmaster's fighting pit and shows the updated take on Loki. Despite his change from green to blue, he certainly looks more like his epic comic counterpart with his horned helm and chalice. We also get to see some of the weapons that will be on display and get a glimpse at a purple Sakaarian guard. The Hela battle, on the other hand, teases a number of new additions.

We see the ship teased in the trailer, likely what Thor and friends will use to travel the cosmos. We also see Valkyrie joining forces with Thor and a black-leather-clad Bruce Banner. While it's been a safe bet that Mark Ruffalo would get some face time in the film, the battle against Hela seems an odd time to de-Hulk.

Along with the Queen of the Underworld herself, the set also includes two Berserkers. In Norse mythology, Berserkers were elite warriors who fought in a frenzied state, an idea that's long played out in comics and pop culture. We've even seen these warriors used in Thor stories, most recently in association with Lady Sif. The MCU has even introduced the idea, as the Thor: The Dark World tie-in on Agents of SHIELD introduced the Berserker Staff, which granted strength and rage to the wielder.

The Hela scene also clearly features a massive wolf, most likely the beast Fenris from Marvel Comics. Based off of Fenrir from Norse mythology, Fenris is a monstrous wolf that is said to be the offspring of Loki himself. The creature also plays a crucial role in the comic version of Ragnarok, where Loki uses him to attack Thor. Likely, we'll see a twist on this idea in the movies with Hela commanding the beast. All told, Thor: Ragnarok looks to be the film fans of the God of Thunder have long been hoping to see.

Source: Flickering Myth

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