Thor 3 Director Hilariously Reveals Korg Funko Pop

Korg has been revealed as the latest addition to Thor: Ragnarok's growing collection of Funko Pop! figures. Director Taika Waititi will play the Kronan warrior himself in the third installment of the Thor franchise, bringing to life a key figure from the "Planet Hulk" storyline of the Incredible Hulk comics. Waititi has been teasing Korg's appearance in the film since last October, and you can see him for a brief moment in the second trailer.

Waititi said in a recent interview, while sarcastically praising himself as an actor, that Korg began as a smaller part in the sequel but grew into a bigger role. It's likely that the beast will find himself in the middle of the escape from Grandmaster's Arena on the planet Sakaar, but little is known beyond that about his part in the film. Still, it's becoming clearer that Korg will carry nearly as much significance as Ragnarok's other supporting characters, evidenced by the fact that he has now gotten the Funko treatment.

You can check out the new Korg collectible below, via Waititi's own Twitter page. The white-eyed, blue-ish rock monster looks ready for battle as the vinyl bobble-head clutches his weapon. Keeping in line with the director's flippantly effusive lauding of his own performance, Waititi's description is hilariously devoid of modesty.

@OriginalFunko The greatest character in the MCU, played by the greatest actor in the known world, is now the greatest toy in existence.

— Taika Waititi (@TaikaWaititi) September 15, 2017

Korg joins an already sizeable line of Ragnarok-based vinyl collectibles. Among the figures already revealed are two versions of Thor, Hela, and the Hulk, as well as Bruce Banner, Loki, Heimdall, Surtur, Grandmaster, and Valkyrie. Funko also released Mystery Minis, Dorbz, plush toys, and keychains over the summer to hype the sequel's Nov. 3 release. While Korg isn't as prominent in the marketing as many of those, that he's here suggests a key role in the movie itself.

The director donned a motion capture suit for the first time to portray the creature, but he has directed himself before and shown a knack for comedic acting in films like vampire mockumentary What We Do In The Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople. With Ragnarok, Waititi may or may not deliver one of the best MCU entries, but there's a good chance he made one of the funniest - and Korg fans are surely excited to see him grab this much of the spotlight.

There may remain some uncertainty over the sequel, as Waititi's take will be quite different from its predecessors and practically a standalone film in the MCU. It's obvious that the director showed little to no restraint in lending his distinctive voice and vision to the Thor universe, and that may not ultimately sit well with some segments of fans. It also remains to be seen whether Korg is actually the best character in the history of the world or merely the 21st century. But in all seriousness, the promotion of Korg alone is proof enough that Waititi pulled no punches with his directorial style and made Thor: Ragnarok distinctly his own.

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