A new set of images for Thor: Ragnarok have arrived, showing the characters on both Earth and on Sakaar. While the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has ostensibly served as our window into the cosmic side of the MCU, the Thor series has long had the same opportunity. While the two previous films have visited distant worlds, however, they’ve yet to provide a scope to match Guardians. Luckily, Ragnarok looks like it will finally change that.

While a lot of the action will of course take place on Asgard, the lack of focus on Earth will allow Thor 3 to dive into the other realms and worlds in the MCU. A big part of that will be Thor and Hulk navigating Sakaar, an alien world ruled over by the Grandmaster and his new warrior Valkyrie. Sakaar will provide audiences with colorful new locales, costumes, and species, adding some much needed flair to the Thor franchise. But while Earth won’t play a huge role in the movie, it will still feature in part of the story. As hinted at in one of the post-credits scenes from Doctor Strange, Thor will be heading to Earth to catch his brother Loki. Now, some new images offer us looks at both the action on Earth and Sakaar.

Empire has unveiled two images from their new cover story on Thor: Ragnarok. The first features Thor and Loki in their civilian attire on Earth. The second shows the Grandmaster with his right hand Topaz.

Thor and Loki on Earth in Ragnarok Thor: Ragnarok Images Spotlight Loki, Valkyrie and The Grandmaster

The Grandmaster and Topaz on Sakaar in Thor Ragnarok Thor: Ragnarok Images Spotlight Loki, Valkyrie and The Grandmaster

Twitter user SuperBroMovies also managed to get shots of a few other images from the upcoming issue, which you can see below:

Along with the images, the article by Empire (part of their larger coverage from the magazine) continues to hint at the new versions of the characters we’ll see in the film. With a lighter tone, plenty of improvising, and lots of humor, Thor: Ragnarok will offer a decidedly different take on the Asgardians.

Meanwhile, the marketing for Thor 3 has continued with new material related to the film. A new magazine cover from Empire provides a comic book look at Thor versus Hela. The latest trailer for the film has also been dominating social media. If that kind of momentum can be kept up, Marvel Studios will be in for a banner year at the box office.

With Thor: Ragnarok just a few more months from hitting theaters, we should learn a lot more about the movie soon.

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Sources: Empire and SuperBroMovies

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