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Thor Ragnarok Comic-Con Footage Surtur

As the last of Marvel's three releases this year, Thor: Ragnarok still hasn't been given a trailer. We're likely to see it attached to this summer's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 or Spider-Man: Homecoming, but we've still been getting plenty of updates in the meantime. While we don't yet have any official shots from the movie, the third Thor film and the God of Thunder just haven't been able to stay out of the news in the past few weeks. Two weeks ago, we learned that director Taika Waititi would cameo in the film and were teased by Kevin Feige that the movie would go beyond the nine realms. Hopefully, that's a set-up for the introduction of Angela and the tenth realm of Angels, but it could simply refer to the universe-spanning roadtrip Thor and Hulk will be going on in the movie.

Just today, we got a look at some concept art for Hela, the villain Cate Blanchett will play in the film, as well as the gladiator armor Hulk could be wearing. We also got a humorous follow-up to the Adventures of Team Thor, aka Thor and his roommate Darryl. Still, it won't be all fun for Thor and his friends. Chris Hemsworth released a video a few days ago teasing his upcoming fight with the Hulk, and now a new set of behind-the-scenes images confirms their bout.

With a little help from MCU Exchange, we now have several different set images and photos that tease the action and new aliens that will be appearing in Thor: Ragnarok. You can check them out in the gallery below.


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Some of these Thor: Ragnarok set photos show a heavy Star Wars influence in some colorful looking aliens. It's exciting to know that like Guardians of the GalaxyThor: Ragnarok will finally expand the cosmic scope of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by showing us even more extraterrestrial races and planets well beyond Earth. Another image shows an animatic of Thor and Hulk fighting, with Hulk wearing his gladiator armor once again. This likely occurs on Sakaar, the planet Hulk is reportedly stranded on in the film. We also see Thor fighting what looks an awful lot like a zombie, which could be one of Hela's many undead minions, instead.

Finally, we see Thor in a slight variation of his costume chained to what looks a lot like Surtur's horns. The monstrous villain is one of Thor's greatest foes, and has long been teased for the third Thor movie. Then again, given that Thor is clearly attached to the mystery object, it could simply be a piece of Hel's architecture that is meant to keep Thor incapacitated. Either way, things don't look good for the God of Thunder.

With the movie less than a year away, we should be getting a lot more updates on and looks at Thor: Ragnarok soon, so stay tuned.

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Source: MCU Exchange

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