Thor & Hulk Prepare For Their Fight In Ragnarok Clip

A brand-new clip from Thor: Ragnarok sets up the fight of the century. Even before the first trailer for next month's Thor movie showed off the film's idiosyncratic action film, it was clear fans were in for something special. With Taika Waititi's work on What We Do in the Shadows and Flight of the Conchords, it seemed Ragnarok would be unique if nothing else. Now, as the first reactions to the film pour in and praise it as hilarious and eccentric, it looks like Marvel has another hit on their hands.

The early embargo lift for reviews proves Marvel has faith in Ragnarok's performance, but that hasn't stopped the studio from continuing their massive marketing push. Aside from posters and trailers, more and more TV spots and clips have been arriving. The latest teaser offered our first look at Thor on the throne of Asgard. Now, a new clip elaborates on one of the first trailer's best moments.

EW has a clip from Thor: Ragnarok that takes place just before the God of Thunder squares off with Hulk. In it, we see Thor drop his "friend from work" line and watch Loki squirm in his seat.

It makes sense Loki wouldn't be thrilled to see the Hulk again, given the last time they interacted led to the puny god being thrashed around like a plaything. But what's still not clear is what would make Hulk fight Thor. The moment of calm in the clip shows they bare no ill will towards each other, and Hulk clearly recognizes Thor. Of course, Marvel is likely saving something for the actual movie.

Though the minds behind Ragnarok won't want to spoil the film's best moments, more of these clips are probably on their way. Just this weekend one arrived showing Loki and Valkyrie in a heated knife battle. Many of the early reviews have heaped praise on both Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie and Cate Blanchett's Hela. Hopefully, both will be sticking around in the MCU for awhile as Marvel could certainly use a powerful female hero and villain. Then again, Hela might not be the evil monster she's been promised to be once the film plays out.

While Ragnarok may be on the shorter side for a Marvel film and is said to be more self-contained than usual, it will likely do plenty to upend the status quo of its characters. And knowing that it will segue into next year's Avengers: Infinity War, it seems clear that Thor: Ragnarok will be a must-see for superhero fans.

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Source: EW

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