Thor: Ragnarok Funkos Include Gladiator Hulk & Hela

Ahead of Thor: Ragnarok's release, a new round of Funko Pop! vinyls have been unveiled featuring the film's colorful characters. The marketing for Spider-Man: Homecoming may be in full swing—pun very much intended—but Marvel are still keen on building up hype for Thor 3 later this year. Not only will the movie introduce Hela, Valkyrie, and the Grandmaster to the MCU, but it will greatly expand both Asgard and the cosmos in Marvel's on-screen universe. Plus, it will feature the Hulk battling the God of Thunder in a gladiator match.

So far, we haven't seen a ton of marketing for the film. The first teaser has been a big hit, but it likely won't be until the Ragnarok panel at Comic-Con next month that more images and a full trailer will arrive. In the meantime, fans are getting by on various art and toy reveals. A recent shot from an upcoming Marvel art book gave us a better look at Thor's gladiator armor, and two Ragnarok LEGO sets have teased the action and a bunch of new characters from the film. Now, we have some even cooler toys to obsess over.

Marvel just unveiled unveiled the first line of Thor: Ragnarok vinyl figures from Funko's Pop! line and they offer new looks at many of the movie's characters. There's the new gladiator version of Hulk, mirroring the character's look from the Planet Hulk storyline in the comics. We also get the first Funko for the Grandmaster, played by Jeff Goldblum. There's even one featuring the film's new take on Loki, complete with a new color scheme and hairstyle.

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Meanwhile, Hela gets two Funkos, with one featuring her iconic helm and the other showing her without it. There's also a figure showcasing Heimdall's new look, showing the Asgardian out of his armor and ready for battle.

The final reveal puts the spotlight on Thor, giving us a glimpse of the character we've yet to see. While his normal costume and gladiator armor both appeared in the trailer, this new one is more along the lines of Heimdall's updated wardrobe. It also features Thor still rocking long hair, so it could be from before he's defeated by Hela and sent to Sakaar. It also has the Avenger holding a sinister looking helmet, likely from one of Hela's minions.

The Thor characters aren't the only Marvel figures who are getting Funkos. A new line exclusive to SDCC was recently revealed, and even MCU filmmaker James Gunn is getting the Pop! treatment. Meanwhile, a new batch of Legends action figures includes Thor: Ragnarok toys, meaning fans will have plenty of cool merchandise opportunities this year.

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Source: Marvel

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