Thor Ragnarok: Chris Hemsworth Shares Video & Image From Set

Chris Hemsworth as Thor holding Mjolnir

Thor: Ragnorak officially began filming in Australia on July 4th, as originally scheduled, but throughout the weeks leading up to the start of production, local news sources were able to snap some key photos of the outdoor sets being built at Stage 9, appearing to bring Thor's home city of Asgard to star Chris Hemsworth's own home nation.

Now, the star has posted his own video from the set of Thor: Ragnarok as well as a photo of him with the film's director, Taika Waititi.

On Instagram, the actor shared a behind-the-scenes clip of himself arriving for a new round of superhero duty on the Queensland, Australia set and boasted about an unexpected perk he received upon arrival to work on the third Thor-centric installment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. "Here we are, beginning of shooting for Thor 3 at the studios. I'm all trained, got my shake, got my shoes, and as requested, got my roller coaster here," he quipped in the vid. "So, it's just a little something - one of the perks that comes with being Thor. So, see you later."

Thor 3 has begun #wheresmyhammer #thor3 #rollercoastersrock

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In reality, those rides are actually part of the Gold Coast-based amusement park Warner Bros. Movie World, of which Village Roadshow Studios is adjacent, but chances are, he could probably swing an early admission or two based on his credentials. Hemsworth captioned his brief set tour video with several hashtags, including "#wheresmyhammer."

Just had a very constructive story meeting with our Thor 3 director @taikawaititi - gonna be a lotta fun. If you haven't seen his other film yet @huntforthewilderpeople, go see it! It's got more heart, humor and fun than a bag of marshmallows. It opens tomorrow in LA/NYC and everywhere in July. Visit to buy tickets !!

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Prior to the start of Thor 3, Hemsworth shared a glimpse of himself bonding with the New Zealand-born director, writing that the two "just had a very constructive story meeting" about the film and that he believes the third Thor installment is "gonna be a lot of fun." Hemsworth also encouraged his 5.2 million followers on Instagram to give Waititi's latest pic Hunt for the Wilderpeople a gander when it opens in limited theaters this week and, later in the month, to wider markets.

Thor 3 is currently fourth in the MCU Phase 3 release date lineup -- following Doctor StrangeGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Still, based on what we know so far, the film is expected to be a good bit wittier than its predecessor in Norse mythological superheroism, Thor: The Dark World, which was largely considered to be too grim a turn for the usually jovial God of Thunder.

Mark Ruffalo, who will be bringing his Bruce Banner/The Hulk along for the third Thor ride, has pegged the film as a "buddy picture" -- although he also cautioned that they might still come to blows in the pic because "everyone wants us to fight at some point." The film will also star Cate Blanchett as the supervillainess-slash-Asgardian goddess of death Hela, Jeff Goldblum as the ageless Elder Grandmaster, Tessa Thompson as Brunnhilde a.k.a. Valkyrie, and Karl Urban as the villainous Skurge, also called The Executioner.

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Doctor Strange opens in U.S. theaters on November 4, 2016, followed by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – May 5, 2017; Spider-Man: Homecoming – July 7, 2017; Thor: Ragnarok – November 3, 2017; Black Panther – February 16, 2018; Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 – May 4, 2018; Ant-Man and the Wasp – July 6, 2018; Captain Marvel – March 8, 2019; Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 – May 3, 2019; and as-yet untitled Marvel movies on July 12, 2019, and on May 1, July 10, and November 6 in 2020.

Source: Chris Hemsworth/Instagram

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