'Thor: The Dark World' Trailer Analysis, Part 2

We dissect and discuss 'Thor: The Dark World' trailer 2, and fans may be surprised at just how much is revealed.

Thor 2 The Dark World Trailer Discussion

As the individual Marvel heroes undergo changes from their first outings to sequels, few seem as primed for a change as Thor: The Dark World. Where the first film was a lighthearted fantasy with elements of Shakespeare and Norse mythology, The Dark World is going headlong into the territory of Viking warfare.

It's not surprising that with all-out war in Asgard, a tenuous relationship with Thor and Loki, and a seemingly endless army of Dark Elves, the studio is able to fill the most recent Dark World trailer with plenty of action and charged dialogue.

We're taking a closer look at what's been shown, alluded to, foreshadowed, or hinted at in the trailer. And buried in some of those quick-cuts were some truly suspicious implications.

Potential spoilers for all readers from here on out (if our analysis is correct). You have been warned.

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