Marvel Debuts 'Thor 2' Footage in Italy: Descriptions & What to Expect from the Trailer

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Back in August, Marvel screened early Iron Man 3 footage for Movie Fest attendees in Dublin and, after a few weeks later, offered London fans a sneak peek at the first official trailer for the next Tony Stark adventure. Then, one month later, the studio officially debuted the Iron Man 3 trailer online for all to see.

Now, we're getting word that Marvel has screened early Thor: The Dark World footage to Italian film enthusiasts at the "Sorrento Professional Cinema Days." Does this mean that a Thor 2 trailer is only a few months away? If so, descriptions of the Italian sneak peek might give us an idea of what to expect.

According to CBM, who culled together a number of Italian sources, the Thor 2 footage was presented by Marvel's International Vice President, Nigel Cook and features a number of MILD SPOILERS for the film - including brief glimpses at scenes involving Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Odin (Anthony Hopkins), and the film's Dark Elf antagonists.

At this point, there's no concrete evidence to suggest that Marvel will use the same marketing progression for the Thor 2 trailer as they did for Iron Man 3 (i.e. sneak peek, trailer preview, and online trailer launch) but, given that the Iron Man 3 footage presentations created a lot of buzz for the eventual trailer release, it's certainly possible that the Italian debut is the first piece of a larger marketing run-up. Either way, past experience makes it clear that a good chunk of the Italian preview video will likely be used in the first official Dark World trailer - meaning the reports give a quick glimpse at what we can expect.

Thor The Dark World Synopsis

Since Marvel has not released official information regarding the alleged footage, it's worth taking these reports with a grain of salt for now. Read ahead for the first-hand descriptions of the footage but, as a warning, the text is a very rough-translation (we'll update should a cleaner version becomes available):

In the preview, a voice-over is heard with the oath of the God of Thunder as the new supreme ruler. We see a clash between Thor and the enemy army, in a world that is neither Asgard let alone the Earth. We see Chris Hemsworth wielding his hammer and Tom Hiddleston as Loki first wounded without a helmet, with long, loose hair and then imprisoned; his anger increasingly desperate and irrational. Then there's a scene later in which he is free again, but still furious.

Against the backdrop of a forest, in the middle of a clearing, among the dust, we in fact face off anthropomorphic creatures, but also a big "gorilla" krosan tusker: a rather alien fauna varies so, although not extreme in size (there are also some envoys/ambassadors of a people mysterious, with oval face and black eyes, elongated and sunken).

The rest of the images show glimpses of Asgard, with Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Natalie Portman in clothes that seem more like a princess; an Asgardian princess. In between, there are images of an epic battle on horseback, who seems to have left an epic cloak-and-dagger. The threat to the Asgardians is certainly a new alien race pale (now identified as the dark elves).

A black spaceship shaped irregularly looks like a serious threat to Asgard. More sequences show Natalie Portman then alongside Thor lying on the ground, probably overwhelmed in a clash.

Very little of the information comes as a surprise to anyone who has been following the film's development - especially the battle with the Dark Elves and the "attack on Asgard" plotline (a story beat we had been discussing long-before Avengers hit theaters).

However their are some interesting new details to unpack here - especially Natalie Portman's fancy "Asgardian" garb. Despite a set photos that hinted at epic off-world battle sequences, as well as reports that Thor 2 would jump from realm to realm, many insiders were still expecting some of the film to be Earth-based. While Cook told the attendees that the film will begin and end on Earth, it's sounding increasingly likely that the majority of Thor 2 will take place in Asgard, among other fantasy/mythology-based locales.

chris hemsworth thor sequel loki

The mention of a desperate, irrational, and "increasingly angry" Loki is also an interesting image - given that many expected the villain to experience a change of heart in Thor 2. That said, the descriptions don't necessarily give an indication of where Loki's fury is directed and it's still very possible that fallout from his actions in Thor and The Avengers (possibly the death of a loved one) cause the character to harness his rage and use it to join the fight against Malekith and Asgard's attackers.

Then there's the question of that "Black Spaceship." Could Thanos make a Thor 2 cameo appearance?


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Thor: The Dark World releases November 8, 2013

Source: Thor2Fans & Vingadoresdepre [via CBM]

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