'Thor: The Dark World' Undergoing Reshoots to Add More Loki; Early IMAX Release Planned

Less than three months from release, 'Thor: The Dark World' is undergoing reshoots in order to get it just right. They'd better hurry up, since an early IMAX release has just been announced.

'Thor: The Dark World' - Tom Hiddleston as Loki

It's definitely not too soon to start getting excited for Thor: The Dark World. The next major addition to Marvel Studios' cinematic universe will not only see the return of the Norse god and his reunion with human astrophysicist Jane Foster, but also Tom Hiddleston reprising his role as Loki. The three form a fragile alliance in order to take on the much bigger threat of Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) and the Dark Elves.

Now there's even less time to wait for Thor: The Dark World, as IMAX and Marvel have announced that the film will arrive in 3D IMAX theaters internationally on October 30th, more than a week ahead of its general release date. This puts the pressure on to get the film ready for release by then, as it seems that Thor: The Dark World hasn't even finished filming yet.

Speaking in interview with Collider at Disney's D23 Expo, Thor: The Dark World's director Alan Taylor gave some rapid-fire information about the ongoing production of the film, which is apparently still being shot despite the release date being less than three months away. Taylor said that Anthony Hopkins had been called back to shoot some scenes, and that he's still working on getting the tone of the movie just right and ensuring that certain relationships "end the right way." Could he be referring to the relationship between Thor and Jane or the one between Thor and Loki?

Not only are reshoots of scenes taking place, Taylor also revealed that scenes are still being written, and a new scene with Loki has already been added into the film. When asked where he was in the editing process, Taylor replied that he is "in the crazy, chicken running around with its head cut off phase," which suggests that he's feeling the increasingly urgent need to get the existing footage and the new footage that's still being produced all cut together in time for release.

New Thor: The Dark World Poster

On the other hand, last-minute shoots aren't exactly a new phenomenon in the Marvel movie universe. Joss Whedon famously shot the post-credits shawarma scene in The Avengers after the film had already premiered. Taylor didn't seem too worried about the continued shooting and editing, though:

"It's a not uncommon procedure at Marvel. They're amazing, they will work down to the wire. Kevin Feige is always trying to make the film better, see if he can push it up. I saw them do this on 'Iron Man 3,' I saw them do this on 'Avengers.' They have to sort of come and pry the film out of Marvel's hands to put it up on the screen, because he never wants to stop improving things."

On another production, reshoots and rewrites this close to release might sound very ominous, but by the sounds of it, this is simply part of the process when it comes to making Marvel movies. Taylor explains that the reshoots and pick-ups aren't being carried out because of things that were done wrong the first time round, but simply because Marvel reserves part of the film's budget so that after seeing a rough cut improvements and tweaks can be made to "plus" the movie. In particular, he mentioned that Hiddleston is doing quite a few extra scenes, since Taylor and Feige "realized how well Loki was working in the movie and wanted to do more with him."

Do you have faith in Kevin Feige's approach to producing Thor: The Dark World, or does all this talk of reshoots and last-minute additions make you nervous?


Thor: The Dark World will be released in 3D IMAX theaters worldwide from October 30th, 2013, and will be out on general release November 8th.

Source: Collider

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