Idris Elba Talks 'Thor: The Dark World,' Wants to Play a 'Real' Superhero

Idirs Elba in Thor

Idirs Elba in Thor

For many fans of the Marvel's Thor, one of the best things about the film was Idris Elba's performance as Heimdall. The British actor is a veteran of high-caliber TV drama (The Wire, Luther), and while his starring roles in films like Obsessed have yet to propel him into super-stardom, he has been a powerful supporting presence in Prometheus, Takers, and even Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

While his role as Heimdall, the Gate-Keeper of the Bifrost in Thor, did not require much more than standing still and glowering, it was nonetheless an important character within that universe. Elba recently talked about the role as it pertains to Thor: The Dark World and hinted at a desire to play a more significant superhero down the line.Speaking to IGN while promoting Pacific Rim, Elba acknowledged that he had something of a limited role in the original Thor and indicated that he had more to do in this year's sequel. When asked how much more action Heimdall will have this time around, Elba replied:

"A little bit!"

It's a coy response for sure, but since the movie won't be released until later this year, he can't exactly spoil the movie.

Idris Elba in Pacific Rim

One of the more exciting aspects of the Thor sequel is the presence of Game of Thrones alumnus Alan Taylor in the director's chair. Elba explained how Thor 2 will expand the view of that world (presumably with a larger, more inclusive look at Thor's homeworld, Asgard, along with the other nine realms) and discussed the differences between his previous director and Taylor:

"Kenneth Branagh's 'Thor' had a certain angle and it achieved it. This is different, it's coming from a different place. But it's still really exciting, I'm looking forward to what people think."

Perhaps most interesting, though, were Idris Elba's comments about wanting to play a more significant superhero in the future. Said Elba:

"I'd like to play a real one, you know, one who gets to do some real superhero work, but we'll see."

Is this a very subtle reference to yet another sidelined role for Heimdall in Thor 2? In the comic books, Heimdall has largely been as a strong, loyal, reliable presence, always to counted upon when Odin or Thor or the realm of Asgard itself required his unyielding adherence to his duty. Will we see something like that in Thor 2? Or just more standing around and glowering?

Luke Cage Hero For Hire Issue One

Idris Elba has stated that there is a "story" for Heimdall this time around, but with his talent and charisma, he could - and should - carry his own franchise. Would Marvel be inclined to cast the actor elsewhere in the Marvel Movie Universe - perhaps as Black Panther or Luke Cage?

If not, he could always jump ship to DC, where a whole host of un-cast superhero roles are just begging for a presence like his. (Martin Manhunter? Cyborg? John Stewart/Green Lantern? The list goes on.)

Which superhero would you like to see Idris Elba take on, Screen Rant readers? Let us know in the comments.


Thor: The Dark World hits theaters November 8th, 2013.

Source: IGN

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