'Thor: The Dark World' Clip & TV Spots: Asgard Goes to War

Thor 2 Dark World Clips TV Spots (2013)

We've done of plenty of digging into what's coming in Marvel's Phase Two lineup of films, and since Thor: The Dark World has been of particular interest to us (given its potential lynchpin position in the Phase Two story arc), we've identified no less than 25 points of interest that you should keep a trained eye on as you watch it.

Now you can begin that examination for yourself, as today brings two new Thor 2 TV spots and the first clip from the film, featuring Thor (Chris Hemsworth) reuniting with his villainous brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), in the depths of an Asgardian prison.

Check out the clip above, the TV Spots below:

Thor The Dark World - TV Spot 8


Thor The Dark World - TV Spot 9

This new footage reveals more of the expanded story details we have been reporting for a bit now - namely Dark World's connection to Thor and Avengers. Thanks to Thor's destruction of the Bifrost portal system at the end of the first film, Asgard has limited capability to police the universe, allowing darkness like Malekith the dark elf (Christopher Eccleston) to rise in the cosmos (with Thanos still plotting somewhere in the wings, no doubt).

Of course, the actual course of events that sends Thor to Loki asking for aid - or lands Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) in Asgard and later in peril (as seen in the Thor 2 trailer) - still remain a mystery. And how this standalone story will catalyze the events of future "Marvel Cosmic" films - like Guardians of the Galaxy and/or Doctor Strange - remains a mystery, as well.

Thor 2 Dark World Clips TV Spots (2013)

In meantime: director Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) has certainly crafted something more epic and ambitious in scope - while also giving the sci-fi/fantasy elements of the film a more grounded and medieval presentation than Kenneth Branagh's CGI-heavy first film. Of course, both films seem to need polish when it comes to Thor's powers in action - that sequence of the Thunder god falling out of the sky to smite his enemies doesn't quite equal the superpowered action we saw in Superman's latest outing. (Ooops... should I not have said that?)


We'll find out just how much action and story details are in store when Thor: The Dark World hits theaters on November 8, 2013.

Sources: Marvel & Fandango

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