Thomas Janes Brings Us The Mutant Chronicles Trailer

Well this is different... the teaser trailer for a movie has premiered on the personal website of the star of the film. Thomas Jane (from the last Punisher movie) is starring in what looks to be a pretty cool sci-fi movie: The Mutant Chronicles. Click on the image above to see the trailer.

Until I read the synopsis, I thought it took place during WWII, but it actually takes place in the future. Of course the poster below is a giveaway: It takes place in the 23rd century... and it looks a bit different from Gene Roddenberry's vision of that era via Star Trek.

The film is about mankind fighting for dwindling resources among four factions, when a very nasty fifth element comes into play: mutants with "boneblades" that grow from their arms.

And here's the apocolypto-cool poster for the film:

There's no set date date for release as of yet, but I'm looking forward to this at the moment.


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