Thomas Jane & Jeremy Piven Will 'Melt With You'

Thomas Jane and Jeremy Piven are set to star in a new thriller from Arlington Road and Mothman Prophecies director Mark Pellington, entitled I Melt With You. The Hung and Entourage stars will join the low-budget thriller, which "follows the interconnecting lives of four men".

Pellington intends to bring his skill at directing music videos to the project by bringing the budget for the film in at under $1 million. Speaking to Deadline the director said:

"I am 48 and  found a dearth of of films that speak to my life experience. Where is my generation's  version of Cassavetes' Husbands? It is hard to get anything idiosyncratic made for a budget. I have been shooting music videos on small cameras at low cost and wanted to apply it to a film. This is about four guys and deals with mortality, aging and friendship. It is very dark and very low budget. I have nothing against the larger budget movies I have made. I just want to make movies and doing it this way improves my chances."

Glenn Porter wrote the script for the film from an idea that he worked on with Pellington, and it's believed that the film will shoot in early August so that it doesn't interrupt the schedules of its stars' respective television shows.

Pellington is quite an accomplished director, who has shot a slew of music videos and delivered some fine thrillers like the aforementioned Arlington Road and The Mothman Prophecies, while his last two projects were U2 3D and the little-seen Henry Poole Is Here. I'm a fan of his work and it's pretty exciting to seem him working on a project with former Punisher Thomas Jane. I'm also impressed that everyone involved is willing to make the film for such a low budget. Today, far too many films are an excuse to make money. I know, I know, it's called show business for a reason - but these days the side of art is losing out to commerce at a worrying rate. Let's just hope that the script is good.

While I don't see I Melt With You being a massive success at the box office, I do hope that it finds an audience, and maybe with a decent run on the awards circuit it will be a good example of how to make modest films for a select audience, without having to spend a fortune on special effects and salaries.

You can find out more on I Melt With You when we get it!

Source: Deadline

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