Thomas Dekker Joins CW's 'Secret Circle'

With the success of The Vampire Diaries, the CW network and executive producer Kevin Williamson are hoping lighting strikes twice as they ready the new supernatural series Secret Circle by adding Thomas Dekker to the growing list of cast members.

In Secret Circle, Dekker will play Adam, love interest opposite the already cast Brittany Robertson as Cassie who, after moving to New Salem, comes to find she has a talent for weaving spells and making magic. Beyond dealing with her burgeoning supernatural powers, Cassie will also discover she belongs to an ancient coven - and Adam (who she thought she had left behind) is coincidentally its elder statesmen.

Perhaps because the network is losing one of its star TV series this season - Smallville (wrapping its decade-long run) or because other programs like Supernatural have grown a little long in the tooth, CW seems to have decided to target a distinctly younger, more Twilight-friendly audience. Even though the supernatural elements are different in Secret Circle, the basic conceit and underlying romance of the two main characters is very much the same.

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Arguably, this, and the fact that Secret Circle is based on a series of young adult novels by author L.J. Smith (the same author of The Vampire Diaries) is what drew writer/executive producer Kevin Williamson to the property in the first place. Williamson, whose Dawson’s Creek series was a ratings grabber for the network back during its WB days, is having a bit of a career resurgence with the upcoming Scream 4, and, of course, The Vampire Diaries. Williamson made a name for himself by penning and producing strong stories driven by teen angst, but with a side of romance thrown in for good measure. Secret Circle seems to have all of these elements lined up, and could easily be another ratings winner for the CW network.

Liz Friedlander has been tapped to direct the pilot. Friedlander has worked as director on other CW shows like One Tree Hill and The Vampire Diaries, as well as ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

Secret Circle still has the two other female roles of Faye and Diana to cast, so look to see more actresses announced in the coming weeks.

Source: TV Line

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