Is Thomas Crown 2 Dead?

Regular Screen Rant readers will know that there has been a sequel to 1999’s The Thomas Crown Affair in development for several years. RoboCop and Total Recall director Paul Verhoeven had been hired to replace original helmer John McTiernan on the sequel – but it seems that he has now left the long gestating project.

So does this mean that the project is dead?

In June of last year, star and producer Pierce Brosnan was quoted as saying:

"We are full steam ahead. If we do not have it by this year, then we shall just say we gave a best effort. But Mary Parent is a magnificent supporter of the piece. Mr. Paul Verhoeven is still with us as a director and we have great executives over there at MGM now, who are passionate to make this film. So, we have a fabulous writer.”

Now, a year later, it seems that it’s all changed, and if Brosnan keeps to his word then we may never see Crown on the big screen again (except, I’d imagine for the inevitable reboot).

Verhoeven has been out shilling his new book - Jesus of Nazareth, and when the controversial Dutch director was asked about the project by MTV he said:

"No, I am not anymore. Things happened there, the regime changed. The initial ideas that they had about 'Thomas Crown 2' were interesting I thought. There was a script written by two young writers that used the fact that now we're living 15, 20 years later."

He went on to elaborate on why he had parted ways with the production:

"Ultimately, [the studio] decided not to [use] that script anymore. Then there was a regime change. And basically I felt that I could not follow [on the project].”

This seems to gel with what Brosnan said in Frebruary:

Thomas Crown 2 (or The Topkapi Affair as it was previously known) has seen a difficult development, and Brosnan had hoped to shoot the film last Fall. Apart from this recent news, it would seem that it has gone very quiet on the Thomas Crown front. Brosnan has been working away on a variety of different projects lately, and it would seem that any chance of a sequel to the 1999 film seems to be chugging along at a slow pace.

At one stage Angelina Jolie was rumored to be attached to the film as Brosnan’s love interest, and it would seem that at this point the only way for the film to be fast-tracked before cameras would be if Jolie showed an interest in it.

The studio behind Thomas Crown, MGM, is also going through some severe financial issues, so that could also be a major factor in lack of progress on the film.

As of now, the chances of seeing Thomas Crown partake in another Affair any time soon seem slight, but if you keep reading Screen Rant you can follow the development of the film as it happens.

Source: MTV

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